Thursday, August 2, 2012


where lie thy roots?
they asked the traveler.
'neath the soil of love,
in the garden of his heart, she replied.

Why then you wander?
they asked the traveler.
In search of the garden,
where I shall bury my roots.

till when would u wander?
they asked the traveler.
till mine heart shall find his
till our souls shall entwine
our lives becoming one
and as one we shall roam again. 


Vivek said...

Makes me wanna grab my backpack and take off in an unknown direction, walking forever.

adee said...

this is incredible connection SD! just a while ago i was thinking about roots! how important they're, how unimportant they are and so on...
very nicely written, lovers grow roots that entwine together :)

Kyra said...

@vivek tarry on :)

Kyra said...

@adee Thanks SD, i was thinking about roots when this one came to me :)