Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Believe..

Everyday I learn,
From those around me,
From the moments I walk through
From what I saw,
From what I did,
From what I did not,
From failures and success,
From what I experienced,
From u and from everyone around,
I grow.

I believe that to grow & flourish u need to learn and to learn u need humility... making humility the most vital attribute in the growth of a person

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Wrote This as a comment on this awesome post "The poet of your own life" at the blog of Relyn ..thought I would share it with my readers here on the posting the comment with a few edits (I hope it's fine with u Relyn...if not please let me know)

The poems I do not write are the one's which are kept as memories cherished...of moments, of sounds, of encounters I had...'cuz I lived in those moments as me..through my joy, my sorrow, my laughter and my tears and forgot to pen 'em into words, capture them in my camera or through my brush.... Instead, I caught 'em and weaved 'em into the fabric of my memory....which when I take out of closet some day to wear, bring to me smile and joy by reminding of the happy times that have gone by and of many more times that shall come my way again.