Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Believe..

                                                            Only I can set myself free...
                                                            Only I can bring myself to peace...
                                                            and I refuse to yield the key...
                                                            Damning myself to this cage of pain.

Friday, July 23, 2010

I Believe..

 My life would be a cake walk If I had even a wee bit clue of what I actually wanna do with it out of all the things I wanna do in it...

                          Countless dreams on wings,
                          all restless to take a flight.....
                          Thousand sprouting thoughts,
                          arising daily from burning desire...
                          At the , juncture of these countless winding paths I stand...
                          searching for the one,
                          on which I shall lay my feet on.

Unknown, hidden behind some a ray of light waiting to break through from behind the clouds...lies a story waiting to be written as my life's own ... there it shall lie, waiting for me till I walk out of the darkness of my uncertainty into it's light.

Dedicated to the Weekend of my Dream

It's Friday..which spells approaching weekend in any normal person's dictionary...but being a Doctor & one who's preparing for her Post Graduation..It spells nothing more than work in my dictionary....So, as usual I'm buried in work ..some that I love, some that I detest & some which should never have been a part of my life at all (if only life had asked for my opinion)
                                   But, neither life, nor work can stop me from at least fantasizing about the weekend of my dreams (trust me U need to be a doctor to be able to dream about a weekend like it's a rare piece of stone to find)...

                                   I wanna begin my dream weekend with the happy feeling of TGIF on Friday evening...with a calm quiet end to the Friday, when I can sleep late reading, listening to music, drinking & hanging out with the moon all night till I sleep off to dreams...& wake up without the crappy sound of an alarm cutting short my sleep prematurely (there is no feeling as refreshing as being able to sleep, knowing u need not wake up to any waiting deadline in morning).....& a hot cup of coffee &cozy lil breakfast to give a cozy start to the most beautiful day in the week Saturday...If I could have it my way..I would spend my Saturday morning painting, followed by shopping (& road side shopping at that) & a late lunch followed by a movie, then strolling the streets taking pics to usher the evening in & then checking out some cultural events & winding up my Saturday outing with a dinner before heading back home to some more music, writing & painting & sleep.
                                  For the Sunday ( I generally get a gloomy feeling by the time It's Sunday evening, thanks to the overlooking Monday), I'd love to go start the day with trekking...end it up with lovely Sunday brunch & Siesta...& then head off to a bookstore & beat my Sunday evening blues with the company of books, music & soothing coffee....& finally bid Adieu to my dear weekend for another week of body & soul killing work with sleep.

                                    And now it's time to bid adieu to the post & the reader (if any who managed to reach till the bottom after reading through the mammoth post) & get back to the real world of no weekend only work & long sighs.

                                                       R.I.P Dear dream weekend till I find you.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Believe..

It's not the weakness of our will but the bond of our love which chains us to the one's we love, that hurts us....and such is the Strength of this love.....that one can go on enduring this pain in silence,  not once but time again,  rather than walking away free, leaving behind the one's we love in pain.....

                                                   While we shall endure
                                                    A thousand silent tears,
                                                    countless bleeding wounds..                     
                                                    multitudes of pain..

                                                   shall all lay forgotten,
                                                   beneath that precious smile...
                                                   which is the ray of light..
                                                   that enlightens the darkness of life.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Believe..

Wind merely wishes to flow...unaware of what it leaves behind, what it puts down, what it carries forward...unaware of the lives it touches, unaware of the events it sets in just flows 'cuz of it's inherent inability to stay still, 'cuz of it's inability to settle flows to find it's own peace.....So do I.



Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Believe..

Setting people up for treasure hunts & watching them stumble is Life's way of adding spice to it's own existence

              We can play along, stumble & rise up again & Spice up our own existence 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Believe..

Dreams are the first step on the road to make things happen... the pursuit of the dreams is the second step...but the toughest step is to pursue those dreams with the determination that is needed to turn them alive in this world, that we live in....
             People console themselves or are consoled by others, by saying dreaming is half the task done...pursuing is having lived the dream.....But the truth is that dreaming isn't getting us anywhere, neither is pursuing....It's only holding on to that determination that make it or break it....

I dream, I decide to pursue, I know I have the strength to make it, within but I lack the determination & discipline to hang on to the pursuit......I'm a failed dreamer...I am a mere yarn weaver.

Monday, July 5, 2010

I Believe

The beauty of life lies in tiny little moments which are playing in tiny little corners.....While we run around the world searching for happiness, it is all around us hidden in our actions....Stop for a moment, Take a deep breath & Look all around you...Smile & Spread the smile...reach out with a helping hand, try & share someone's pain....& You shall find the treasure chest of happiness in your own hands.