Monday, October 27, 2008

this was a beautiful life quote i came across

how far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged,sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of weak and strong.beacause someday in life u will have been all of this.

i hav never read better words of wisdom.

Friday, October 24, 2008

hey......m bck with the quotes.....todays quote...i found this under the section of life quotes....and i had to read thru a whole lot o' them before i came across this on---
we make a living by what we get,and we make a life by what we give.------Winston churchill.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I got this idea today.....we come across quotes everyday....some monumental and some inconsequential....some funny,some absurd......i'll post a couple o' quotes everyday with my feelings about them.......readers are welcome to share the opinions too.

Speak when you are angry----and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.--------Laurence J. Peter.

When anger rises, think of consequences.--------Confucius

true enough...... in school once a teacher told me.....whenever u get angry....avoid doing whatever comes to your mind just then.....keep it in mind...start mulling over the idea......since then i have tried doing that.....and it works......'cuz by the time my thought process anger evaporates or seems inconsequential......and i have als worked a solution to the cause of anger, so i don' get a chance to get angry again......:)


Since i was a kid Diwali & Christmas have been my favourite time of the year.......the time since ramlila began till the five days of diwali , used to be my most awaited time of the year.....even more awaited than my birthday!!....even today (and more so now that, i live away from home...and look forward to joining my family for diwali vacations) and i think it will remains so forever..... & now that i think about it  the reason for this feeling of absolute delight that fills me every year is not 'cuz it's a holiday season..or not 'cuz of the expectations of new clothes,gifts & sweets...or presently, of being able to get away from work to go home, meet family and friends. Yes all these add to the cheer.....but I believe even if these were not there I would still feel the same joy at this's because it's not these material things about Diwali that have made me so happy all along......but it's this feeling that I have me it is a time of the year when every person ,be it a child or an adult or be it rich or poor, a person who is happy or sad, anxious or what ever state of mind......every person, maybe even for just a few moments, feels joy filling there hearts & lives....they feel a delight and enjoy it without giving a damn to anything else.
According to hindu religion...this festival has a divine symbolism......but to me this festival is divine not 'cuz of the mythological beliefs associated with it but 'cuz of this simple reason.......that this is a festival that brings happiness and cheer into our lives and all around us.....because it is the time of the year when we go about sharing...sharing our joy, our happiness,our achievements, our lives with family,with friends...sometimes even with strangers.....sharing trebles the joy....adds on to our own and of others....and brings to those who for some reason may not have is this sharing that gives this festival all it's cheer and pomp more than anything else.
over the past few years I have heard people say and felt it too that commercialisation as overtaken the spirit of Diwali.......but I still believe, just as I beleived years ago, when I wrote an assay on "Diwali the festival of lights"....that Diwali is a festival of lights...not the lights of the earthen lamp or the bulb strings......but of the enlightened lives & enlightened souls of people who are experiencing the most basic emotion of being human.....the joy of is just this feeling that we need to remind ourselves and rekindle the beautiful delight that this festival brings to our lives and those around us.

wishing u all a very happy,prosperous,safe and clean Diwali.

Friday, October 17, 2008


It was one of those nights when I had gone on the rooftop again, on a random impulse before turning in for the night..and I was mesmerized by this spectacle of nature that lay before my eyes..

                           The moon was shining big and bright with a slightly yellow aura which was blending into a orange hue before flying away as silver wisp and spreading across the clouds like small flakes of snow & lightning them with the silver moonlight across the grey black sky. Here and there I saw the clouds splitting apart the black sky with a few tiny twinkling stars hiding beneath them.

                 As I sat there drinking the scene with hungry eyes &  enjoying the cold air seeping inside my clothing and chilling my body cold with it's touch, I felt a delight rush through me..the delight of a child's innocent laughter. I felt a sense of peace and calm seep through me.  In that moment I suddenly felt connected with the whole world & heard my soul whispering to life, thanking it for blessing me with that beautiful night, that moment  which had filled my being with joy, embalming my tired soul with it's touch, making my life so full, so content, so rich & so beautiful.

                            In that moment I felt the love of the whole world and nature cleanse me. I felt all the blessings of the people who had ever blessed me, touch me and I felt greatful  to each one of them. 

                               Till that moment I could never understand what people meant when they said magic.....but in that moment I knew what it meant and experienced what it felt like.  In that moment I prayed, that just as this moment had touch me and made life magical for me..I too may bring the same feeling to the people I come across in life myself.  

There are times in life when I feel that life has not been fair enough to me...that I have not had enough in life or that life has been unusually tough on me...but I think that in these few moments of this beautiful night, life gave me more than enough and that now whenever I will have this feeling that I don' have enough gain, I remember this night, remember how blessed I am, remember that how loved I am and find my peace.

I wish u enough.

Friday, September 12, 2008

a doctor's life.

got the idea of this poem, on the day of my pathology practical, when I woke up at 4 in the morning…. with just 3hrs o’ sleep and an exam to give. This may seem to some as very absurd….. But then my life is full of absurdities…anyways I carried this thought for three days before jotting this down ( I wanted to write it there and then but, my sanity center showed it’s worth ,reminding me to study and & I did pass my exam. )


Bleary eyed,
Sleep deprived,
I was jolted to wakefulness by this sudden thought,

And I sat musing in silent darkness,
between the end o’ another night,
And beginning of another new day…. of my medical college life.

In answer my exam wrecked tired mind replied …..
An endless train of exam
fuel of which is
Our tired midnight oil burning minds,
Our distraught emotions at the announcement o’ each semester exam,
And our joy at the end o’ the prof result,
Our tired and relentlessly burning eyes
And stolen ounces of our precious sleep.

While the thought sat,
Making the existing hole in my mind bigger still….
I thought it was true…..
A doctor’s life is one big chain o’ exams
It begins with entrance exams, moves on to semester exam
Adding icing to the cake are fortnightly ward leavings
And the cream is the end o’ the year university exams……..

At the end of four prof’s,
we walk out armed with
The license to HEAL.
But this but the mere beginning
Of the real big test…which continues till
Our soul goes to rest.

 The test o’ treating patients...our GOD’S
O’ healing their body, hearts and minds.
This is one exam where we are permitted no failure
No incompetence
No second chance
placing us on the same pedestal as GOD'S…..
but unlike GOD we are permitted no mistakes.

And so said my tiny heart ,
this is what these exams are for…
To get u ready for the real test ahead.
And then I remembered….
a beautiful line I had once read…

“ The most sacred thing I do is care “
And remembering this , my heart rejoiced.

“The most sacred thing I do is care “
The ultimate truth,
The solemn oath,
the true joy... of a doctor’s life.
But this is what,
We sometimes fail to understand,
The colleges sometimes fail to preach
That studies sometimes fail to teach
That we knowingly at times forget

“The most sacred thing I do is care”
this is what our GOD’S (patients) fail to understand….
That yes we are doctors
That yes we have the greatest duty….
The greatest responsibility
That yes, this was our choice.
But we are human beings too….
All we want is that u understand us too
Like u want us to understand u..

This is what.... is a doctor’s life.
An oath we cannot break…..
A touch to try and end thy suffering
A touch to decrease thy pain
A touch to heal..
A duty to care…
                          It is our strength….
                          It is our joy….
                          It is our ultimate desire…
                          It is our supreme prayer….
                                         Our duty to care,
                                          Our duty to care.

PS-…..ward leavings are test that we have to give at the end o’ every clinical posting in the wards.
….and we have semester exams every two months or so…
and at the end o’ each year we have final university exams …which are called a profs.
Also I read….” The most sacred thing I do is care”on the profile of one o’ my friend & in a medical text book, which I can't recall at the moment….and it just came into my mind while thinking that morning.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

morning satire

I wrote this poem for two reasons, one for my cousin bro amit….’cuz he said that he could not read my poems because they were all too serious for him….and suggested that I write some funny poems….and as I knew I was no good at writing funny poems i always shirked from the idea….but finally I decided to give it a try and the result has proved that I m no good with funny poems…….and the second reason is my inability to wake up for 8 o’clock lectures as a result of which my attendance is falling terribly short and I was trying to find what answer I would give to the powers that be….and so I thought I would give them the true reason and hope that they can sympathize with me….L L L

I lay on my bed, with my eyes closed
Waiting for dear sleep to stop it’s games and join me
And I lay thinking about clouds and the blue sky
Watching the birds fly, across and over the horizons to lands unknown
Thinking about blooming flowers, tall trees and the vast oceans, flowing rivers and falling springs,
Enjoying the calm and the peace.
Listening to the rustle of leaves as the wind blew by,
Listening to the laughter of birds, as they spread their wings to fly away and I stood helplessly watching by,
As I stood smelling the delicious aroma of open fields, mountains and seas,
As I listened to clear water falling down the springs, flowing along the rivers…….

the music turned into a loud roar and the skies turned black and I heard lightning strike my ears, jerking me awake.
And I lay listening to my alarm chasing my dream away with all it’s might,
And then the disaster struck as I saw in the smiling face of my clock,
Just 15 minutes from failing to break my beloved chain of month long bunk of mourning (morning) 8 ‘o clock class
And then with the speed of storm, I was out and about racing against time
And running like a tornado I hit the gates of the lecture hall like a hurricane and took a seat with my lungs still in protest at the untimely early morning assault
As I sat trying my best to drink the boring drone of the lecture in
I started thinking of the blue skies again and I thought ,
They looked more beautiful from my cozy bed than from the hard desk
But still they were more beautiful than the lecture hall…..and so I was off again……………zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. J J


Friday, May 16, 2008

the world health organisation(WHO) every year celebrates WHO day and outlines a theme to celebrate to emphasise the need of awareness towards the theme.the theme choosen outlines health and environment issues affecting human lives.
this years WHO- day theme is " protecting health from climate change"........emphasising thereby the affect of climatic change on human beings.....these "climatic changes" include increased incidence of global warming leading to change in patterns of precipitation(meaning rain and snowfall) leading to famines and floods,changes in patterns and duration of seasons leading to changes in breeding habits of life forms (some of these are causative organisms of various human diseases) and agricultural losses,increased pollution is not only affecting air water and food quality but perpetrating disasters in form of acid rains and depletion of ozone layer...the list continues......
the effects due to these environmental changes are more visible in developing and economically poor countries which are all ready facing the burnt of political instability,poverty,malnourishment etc......even the developed countries face the same challenges but better socio-economic conditions help them to bear the burden well...........BUT both developing and developed countries are equal contributors to this environmental disaster...........and believe me the developed more because they have the resources to tackle the menace but the lack of willpower.

In 2005 after the release of the movie AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH(the title was apt....'cuz we all know the truth...but because the harsh reality it opens and the harsher measure it demands of us and our lifestyle.....makes us either shut our eye to it or deny make things look better) there was an uproar about the impacts of global warming.It brought to light that a mere 1F increase in temperature of earth over the last decade has lead to such enormous climatic changes......that the increase in temperature that had been predicted over the next two decades would simply change the face of our planet.

A new report published in 2008 in nature magazine has highlighted that the the predicted temperature changes would not take place for another 20 years,because of the earth's ecosystems ability to mitigate and undo the damage(to put the contents of the report simply).These conclusion has led the supporters of those saying that global warming is merely a hue and cry to jump with joy.........BUT BUT and BUT

According to WHO warming is a happening phenomenon...the temperature rise may occur in next 30yrs or 40yrs may be.....but it will occur that no environmental scientist and no reports deny.......and when it happens the effects are going to be as severe or may be more than predicted.
The only solution to this problem is accepting it and not denying it.Mother earth is giving us another chance to set our acts right.So rather than evading this responsibility and playing the blame game......Let us all join hands and do our part (whatever little we can do)...........not just for ourselves but for our generations to come.....for our children and there that they may not have to say "what ever were our parents and grandparents doing with all the time they had"
to quote "think about generations to come"
this planet with it's heritage and resources is not our property but a responsibility,and for this responsibility we are answerable to none other than our children.
( in the nxt blog: the things we can do to make a differnce.....ny suggetions are heartily welcome)

Silent Tears

A thousand silent tears I cried,

But still I could not wash your memories aside..

Your memories ,lovely and sweet ,

Making me smile,

but bringing afresh the tears that dried

Bringing afresh the pain, with every smile

Tearing my soul, with every turn down the memory lane...

Making me wish I could have u back,

Making me wish memories could bring back the dead,

Making me wish I could turn back time,

                           To hear your unfinished talk,

                           To spend a little more time,

                           To wipe away your tears,

                           To tell u I was there.


just the silent tears I can shed,

Wishing I could have you back,

Wishing I could tell you all that I wanted to say,
 but never said.

Wish I could have u back,
and tell you how lonely I have become.

To hear u say,
 I am there for you every single day

To put my face in your palms ,
and tell u my pain.

Wish I could have you back

To tell you all that you meant

To shed the silent tears, I now cry everyday.

Wish I could end this pain

I wish I could cry to my hearts content

But only silent tears I can weep,

Wishing that memories would go away,

Wishing that time would heal the pain.


Moments go by in the current of time,
as Life goes on and the world goes by.
as the tide goes by, with us standing about,
…always wishing that it could be another day or another night.
Anything other than the moment that we are in…

Just waiting for something more to come by….
Waiting for someone else to walk beside…
Never living in the moment that we have now…
Never happy with the life that we have for the moment…

Waiting to seek happiness in something we have never seen….
With someone we have never known..
In a moment we may never have…
In the life we may never live…

Rather than trying to find that happiness in present
We keep searching in the future…
when the future comes we regret the moment that is past….
But never do we realize that it is the moment now
that will be our past
And the one making our future…………

It’s the present that counts
…Not the past….
Because past is done and past is gone….
It’s present that counts,
…Not future….
Because future is unknown and what it stores we do not know.

It is present that counts..
Neither the past nor the future…
Because it will be a part of our future
Because it is what we have in our hands….
Because it is only present we can influence…
Only the present we can make…
Only this moment which is now…. With which we can play.