Friday, October 17, 2008


It was one of those nights when I had gone on the rooftop again, on a random impulse before turning in for the night..and I was mesmerized by this spectacle of nature that lay before my eyes..

                           The moon was shining big and bright with a slightly yellow aura which was blending into a orange hue before flying away as silver wisp and spreading across the clouds like small flakes of snow & lightning them with the silver moonlight across the grey black sky. Here and there I saw the clouds splitting apart the black sky with a few tiny twinkling stars hiding beneath them.

                 As I sat there drinking the scene with hungry eyes &  enjoying the cold air seeping inside my clothing and chilling my body cold with it's touch, I felt a delight rush through me..the delight of a child's innocent laughter. I felt a sense of peace and calm seep through me.  In that moment I suddenly felt connected with the whole world & heard my soul whispering to life, thanking it for blessing me with that beautiful night, that moment  which had filled my being with joy, embalming my tired soul with it's touch, making my life so full, so content, so rich & so beautiful.

                            In that moment I felt the love of the whole world and nature cleanse me. I felt all the blessings of the people who had ever blessed me, touch me and I felt greatful  to each one of them. 

                               Till that moment I could never understand what people meant when they said magic.....but in that moment I knew what it meant and experienced what it felt like.  In that moment I prayed, that just as this moment had touch me and made life magical for me..I too may bring the same feeling to the people I come across in life myself.  

There are times in life when I feel that life has not been fair enough to me...that I have not had enough in life or that life has been unusually tough on me...but I think that in these few moments of this beautiful night, life gave me more than enough and that now whenever I will have this feeling that I don' have enough gain, I remember this night, remember how blessed I am, remember that how loved I am and find my peace.

I wish u enough.

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Gora said...

I have felt the same many times. Beautiful thoughts. =)