Friday, May 16, 2008

Silent Tears

A thousand silent tears I cried,

But still I could not wash your memories aside..

Your memories ,lovely and sweet ,

Making me smile,

but bringing afresh the tears that dried

Bringing afresh the pain, with every smile

Tearing my soul, with every turn down the memory lane...

Making me wish I could have u back,

Making me wish memories could bring back the dead,

Making me wish I could turn back time,

                           To hear your unfinished talk,

                           To spend a little more time,

                           To wipe away your tears,

                           To tell u I was there.


just the silent tears I can shed,

Wishing I could have you back,

Wishing I could tell you all that I wanted to say,
 but never said.

Wish I could have u back,
and tell you how lonely I have become.

To hear u say,
 I am there for you every single day

To put my face in your palms ,
and tell u my pain.

Wish I could have you back

To tell you all that you meant

To shed the silent tears, I now cry everyday.

Wish I could end this pain

I wish I could cry to my hearts content

But only silent tears I can weep,

Wishing that memories would go away,

Wishing that time would heal the pain.


ani_aset said...

wow lovely meeta it does bring out the pain of losing a loved one

Punkster said...

Bursting out with expression.


Lost Thoughts said...

The pain of loosing someone is something you never get's always there below the surface n creeps upon you when you least expect it......that's life :)its really beautiful meeta.

Suz said...

Meeta,oh have a bead
beautifully said
May I share one more little poem that struck my heart like a bolt of heaven's lightning

from the book...A Woman's book of Nessa Rapoport


Undo it ,take it back,make every day the previous one
until I am returned to the day before the one that made
you gone. Or set me on an airplane traveling west,
crossing the date line again and again,losing this day,
then that,until the day of loss still lies ahead and you
are here instead of sorrow.

wow...achingly truthful

meeta said...

@Sux glad u liked it and thanks for sharing the beautiful it is indeed heart piercing