Saturday, August 4, 2012

I Believe...

I Believe....

Life Will make us face our worst fears, no matter what,
we learn, that the our sense of security is probably the only illusion to be feared.
That life is nothing but a ride out there in the wild.

And that only those who dare to break out of the bubble of that illusion will experience what it means to be alive, Everyone else is just whiling away their precious lifetime secured in the cage.

 like the mother bird pushes the baby bird out of it's nest into the open sky to fly away to greater heights, so does life, 'cuz it wishes us to go farther, rise higher, fly free, explore the world and experience the best that is out there.

So, the time when u stand facing the worst u had ever thought could happen, don't give up, don't fall down go and grab it by the arm, it'll be opportunity knocking on your door. 

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