Thursday, January 6, 2011

Resolutions 2011

I have a few resolutions for this year...the first and the most important one of them and working my resolutions. Having said that, I will actually begin living most of my resolutions after 6th of Feb (the day I have the most important exam of my life ahead.)

1) Every week I'll write a Thank You post to all the people who made a difference in my life the past's just a small gesture of acknowledging my gratitude to them and to life for bringing them my way and enriching me

2) Every Sunday morning, I'll take a break from all the ho hum of my life, and spend a little while with my stillness in company of poetry, painting reading or musing.

3) I am going to get down to some serious cooking, from just reading recipes, food blogs and eating..I am going to get down to cooking, learning, experimenting and growing as a cook...with trying at least 2-3 new recipes every week, cuisines for this year are Italian, Indian and Lebanese.

4) I am going to working on growing as a photographer by teaching myself, reading, asking help from photographers I the end of this year I want to figure out a few themes I had like to take up as photo assay and also learn how to work with a DSLR.

5) To Try and get back to dancing (if and only if my back permits)

These are my resolutions for 2011, things I had like to do for my personal and emotional growth as a human being....'cuz
                      to live, is to grow and to grow one needs to keep learning and doing.

Please feel free to join me in this journey....with your encouragement, guidance or even your mere watchful presence, as u watch me walk and stumble along my road. I welcome you with willingness to learn, gratitude in heart and smile on my lips.


Elena said...

Oh oh you didn't just invite 'me' to encourage you along did you? You know from my blog post I'm a bully at making sure people don't forget what they wanted to do right? Hee hee. Actually I think they are great resolutions. I admire the cooking one (from someone who can't/won't). I'll visit more often to cheer you along. And thank you for your great comment on my blog. Hugs!

Surubhi said...

Amen to that Meeta :)

PS : kindly take note of the new word :P

meeta said...

@Elena u are welcome to bully me as much as u can :D...if u help me live upto my resolutions..i'll love to be bullied...looking forward to seeing u around and being pushed *hugs* & love,
Meeta :)

meeta said...

@surubhi Amen :

P.S. - word noted :P

Relyn said...

There is something about making your goals public that helps you achieve them. Yes? Happy new year, my friend. May it bring you everything you dream of.

meeta said...

@Relyn I think when they become public..our guardian angels hear them and reach out to help :)...thank you for the wishes and a great year ahead to u too :)