Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One Life

One life, to live
one life, to be.

One life, to dream
one life, to live 'em all.

one life, to make promises
one life, to keep them.

One life, to love,
one life, to be loved.

One life, to laugh,
one life, to spread the smile.

One life, to cry,
one life to wipe the tears away.

One life, to lean on,
one life, to lend out a helping hand.

One life,
to care,
to feel,
to share,
to give and to take.

one life,
to walk through the woods,
to swim down the rivers,
to climb up mountains.

one life,
to get drenched in the rains,
to walk through the falling snow,
to shiver against the touch of cold winters

One life,
to watch the day rise to the silent whispers of night
to watch flowers bloom,
to sing the song of grass and trees.

One life,
too short,
to be spent held back in chains

One life,
is all we have,
before the candle of life burns out.

One life,
to make it count,
while the countdown
of the clock that's ticking away lasts.


Manpreet Bedi said...

beautiful. :)

Arti Honrao said...

I hope you won't mind if I copy it to keep in my collection.

Thanks in advance

Adee said...

nothing much,
but one moment full of life!

Vivek said...

one life to read your poems.

meeta said...

@Manpret Thanku :)

meeta said...

@Arti It'll be a pleasure and an honor m'am :)

meeta said...

@Adee right...it's all about living, living to the fullest be it a sec or a life time.

meeta said...

@Vivek Thank you :)...One life to write 'em.

Anonymous said...

One life to read it all and understand it too :)
Lovely :)

meeta said...

@nidhi Thanku :)

Surubhi said...


meeta said...

@surubhi :)

ani_aset said...

gives some encouragement :D i like this poem

meeta said...

thanks ani..it's to live & living to the fullest.