Monday, November 8, 2010


In the Nights dark and cold,
While the world silently sleeps,
I lie in darkness, 
screaming within..
not of nightmares,
but of desires and dreams..
screaming at me,
Urging me to grab on to their open arms,
While I,
chained to the world and duties,
lie helplessly twisting and turning,
watching 'em drift afar


Suz said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your kind words
I very much understand this poem that you have written
I have been on this journey
I started changing my life
by writing a list of what I desired in my life and then began
doing them
not without difficulty
but with great joy
for once I saw what I truly desired I was set free
and many times I had to begin again...I shall read more of your blog....keep dreaming...and you would be surprised sometimes it is the subtle changes in our lives that set us free...for one look for joy and beauty everyday
no matter the simplest ray of sun on the floor to a beautiful blue lifts our duty and burdens
nice to have met you

meeta said...

@Suz thank you for your words.
I agree & live by what u said..that one should look for joy and beauty everyday in makes life a beautiful journey.
Looking forward to interacting with u and your thoughts through blog posts :)

Mariana Soffer said...

I wish that happend to me more often. That is what being alive is, feeling the urges, our desires, our needs, when we long for them, is when we can start fullfiling them and live life with plenitud

meeta said...

@Mariana it happens to all of us..our actions, our thoughts are all driven by those longings and thoughts..the reason u write, the reason why i write & we read so many blogs & 'cu we are aware of our longings & are trying to reach 'em :)

Toon India said...

nice one meeta..i think it's a balancing act duties and desires..but yes as Suz said living each day at it's merit the moment...make life simple and joyous :)

meeta said...

Thanks Rahul, the problem with me is I so totally suck at doing the balancing act..if i'd been any good at it..I don't think this poem would have been in existence :)

Elena said...

What beautiful words and oh so true! Also love the ones prior and will continue to follow along to read your wisdom. Thank you so much for such a kind comment in my blog post today! Elena of My Quest

meeta said...

@Elena thanku for the read..glad u liked it :)..looking forward to reading more of your stuff :)

Surubhi said...

Lovely :)

Adee said...

ah the struggle of life and dreams! it is life that gives us these dreams and then takes them away, mortally wounding our hearts... leaving us always torn between heart and mind...nice words Meeta :)

meeta said...

@surubhi thanku :)

@adee yes a struggle that most of the time leaves us mortified

ani_aset said...

by god what happened i wonder your poems are suddenly so different and i love them even more :)

meeta said...

@ani nothing new happened.u have just turned up here after a long time...I'm glad that u liked 'em.
Thanku for your feedback...I'll b working to improve :)