Friday, April 16, 2010


I do not fear the fiery storm,
nor the thundering clouds,
neither the wrath of summer heat,
nor the cold winter breeze;

I do not fear peaks of obstacles,
that will lie along my way,
nor the cold waves of disappointment,
that shall drown me again & again.....

while this flower blooms,
filled with,
sweet nectar of hope in my heart,
          as it dreams of soaring high,
          and flying to distant skies.

As my soul,
waits for the day,
it will be set free,

free from the worldly chains of,
                        fake ties,
                        endless lies,
                        faceless masks
from the cage of this pretentious human society,

Free to be what it wants to be,
free to live life,
the way it desires.

1 comment:

sublimefeeling said...

nice one...
all the best dear on ur new journey..!! :))