Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

I flew over the Yamuna river a few days back while returning back to Delhi, looking down I saw,

              "Factory chimneys releasing black smoke, which was threatening to engulf the blue sky in it's dark embrace, the entire river was just a grey poisoned swamp oozing white froth....there were islands of weeds & algae across the river & sewers dumping sewage at various points in the river...there were heaps of  garbage adding beauty to this eyesore of a landscape"

                              In my journey I had also come across patches which were uninhabited, filled with thick dense forest and blue rivers criss crossing them, as I sat comparing the two sights mentally This thought crossed my mind,

            "What have we done to this Earth?" I felt a pain deep within myself, in my soul, which I share from the living soul of this Earth, which is the mother of all of us living beings. I could see my self standing right in front of that bleeding hurt Mother of all souls, as she asked me "Why?" through her tears & pain. I could see the monster that Man has become, a heartless, greed driven, selfish, insane monster, in those eyes. Let us stop by a minute, to take a look at that monster & find the human being within.

Let us spare a minute to think all that we have taken from this Earth & what have we given it back in return?

Let us remember that This Planet is our only home, this Earth is our only source of the sustenance of life, which is so precious to us, The only place that gives it a meaning, The only place where we can enjoy all the comforts we are busy earning & creating,

        "What if one day this planet, the Earth is no more? Where will we live? How will we exist? Who will you be?"

Think and make an effort to conserve water, trees, forest, animals, make the environment cleaner around you, save fuel & food, use electricity judiciously & Speak up if you find people doing wrong to this Earth, after all it's as much your home as theirs.

Join Hands, Come together, to heal this planet, which is our only home. And let us make this effort a part of our every day living, not just a formality to be observed or celebrated As a special day or occasion.


Aditya Nandode said...
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Aditya Nandode said...

The earlier Comment got deleted by mistake. What we have done to earth is plundered, nothing can go wrong, even if it does, not in our time, was what we thought, now feeling the burns and shakes, all we can do is plant trees, save as many species as possible, plant in balcony green cover as much as possible, where ever possible should be made!

Citizen of Earth said...

I am, and always will be, a citizen of this Earth
And in my own small world I try to live a better, cleaner life, always with utmost respect for our Mother Earth

My efforts are not always recognized, not always successful...
And so I always, always aspire to do better.

But more than just my actions, I also have my words
And these I send forth to join hands with all like minded citizens, to bring a message to the rest of the world.

A massage of hope, that we can still save the planet, still save ourselves.

Thank you for you words, and your powerful voice that you bring to this very important song.
I sing with you for the salvation of all

Earth day is EVERY DAY !

Waste LESS
Appreciate MORE


meeta said...

@Aditya Thanku for reading through...& adding your suggestions..keep up your effort :)

meeta said...

@Citizen of Earth Kudos for your efforts.
Thank you for reading through the post & commenting.
I believe that for any change to has to begin right from the grass root level...So,in the case of conservation & preservation of Earth & life form it has to begin in the hearts & habits of each one of us...& this blog post is just an attempt to spread that message