Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Many a times I meet people to whom, silent empathy is all I can offer, that is when my heart grows heavy
 wishing, that silent empathy could be of any help. 
With that empathy comes Silent gratitude, for what I have. 
At these times I realize, that, It is such a beautiful life that I have, and such a mess that I have turned it into. 
I wish I was a better person.
I strive to make myself a better person, than I am.


Suz said...

every day choices
we make them
sometimes by not making them
gratitude is a choice

Kyra said...

@Suz Thank you

Elena said...

Great post as well as all the previous ones I caught up on. Loved the Melbourne post...the one where you spoke of having trouble starting and once you get moving it just rolls...just like your Melbourne piece.

Kyra said...

@Elena thanks for the read El and for the comments as well :)

Relyn Lawson said...

Yes. Yes, and yes, and yes again.