Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Experience Melbourne

'The most important lesson that u learn from travelling is, To Begin. Travelling teaches u, that, unless u take that first step which takes you down the road, ideas just remain ideas, dreams just remain dreams.It's After the first step, when the journey begins, that u realize the road just goes on, all u have to do is begin, and the treasure that life has to offer is waiting to engulf you at every step you take.'

And, so, it was exasperating for the traveler within me, when I could not decide how to begin writing this post. It was not the first time that I was writing about travel or a travel destinations, but I was struggling to find a beginning.

And then I realized, It was in fact, the first time that I was trying to write about an experience that I was yet to have. How does one write about experiencing a place that one hasn't yet been to? To put down in words, the experience that I want, but have not had yet, was challenging. To pen down expectations and not experiences, it always is challenging, it's like being blindfolded for a surprise birthday cake, u want it to be the flavor u love, but u don't know what u are going to get, so I decided to begin...

Not with, Why Melbourne, but with Why Travel?

It's curiosity that drives me, curiosity to know more, curiosity to break free from the bubble I live in and challenge myself with the new, the unknown, the unexpected and discover how that experience teaches me, changes me.
Travelling gives me that chance, a break from the monotony of everyday life, as I explore a new place, a chance to discover a new culture, a new cuisine and celebrate it's existence by experiencing it. A chance to meet new people, make friends and in the process looking at the world from a perspective different from my own, chance to discover the past and learn from it by visiting the relics of times gone by, a chance to challenge myself with a new adventure, a chance to enjoy the richness and beauty of nature, and let the experience relax and rejuvenate me.

Why Melbourne?

Melbourne has become a beautiful and vibrant melting pot of both the old and modern era, of people and cultures and has everything to offer that makes travelling a fulfilling experience.

The capital city of  the South eastern province,Victoria, Australia, located along Yarra river, "Melbourne" was named after William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne, the British Prime Minister at that time, and has been ranked as the most livable city since 2011. It's a well planned beautiful city, with large parks, gardens and a beautiful mix of modern infrastructure and building and and Victorian era architecture. 

Melbourne is called the 'cultural capital' of Australia and it lives up to it's title. Melbourne became a cultural melting pot, since it's Gold rush day in 1800's and the pot has just got richer with time. Melbourne has multitude of experiences to offer be it arts, music, literature, dance, theater, cuisines, sports, history, fun, nature walk. 

It's a city well connected to the rest of the world through air links, safe to move around, with range of accommodation varying from budget to splurge and a traveler's haven with the experiences it has to offer.
You can explore it on foot, with public transport, by hiring a cab, but I wish to explore Melbourne on a bike exploring the nook and corners of it's lane, checking out it's cafe's, bristo's  and gardens. Another experience that I wish to enjoy is to tour the city in a hot air balloon ( ) and watch the Melbourne skyline against the backdrop of Yarra river as the sunsets and the lights start flickering out.

If you are into arts, movies, theater and culture, then, The South side Percinct with it's countless art galleries is where you should head, also Melbourne hosts the International Art festival in October (another experience which is on my to do in Melbourne list) and the International Films festival in August

If it is history of the city, it's Gold rush days interest you, you could stop by The Melbourne Museum or The Fitzroy Gardens to see the Cook's cottage, the home of one of the first European navigator. St. Paul's and St. Patrick's cathedrals are beautiful relics of Victorian era architecture and you could also visit Montsalvat, to experience the French architecture ans food.

Melbourne, was formed by The Kulin Nation, home to five Aboriginal tribes, before European settlers settled here and hence is also home to rich Aboriginal culture and heritage. I had love to the Heritage walk in the Royal Botanical garden and discover Aboriginal traditions, painting and learn about their day to day activities.

Not just that, I had love to enjoy the rich night life, fine dining experience and shopping at offer in The Bourke Street Mall, Collins Street and Flinders quarter, take a casual walk at The St. Kilda Road and picnic around the Yarra Precinct, visit China town and experience candy and chocolate making at Koko Black (as described by a friend who recently visited Melbourne)

And it's not just Melbourne that I'd like to experience, I would love to travel to Mornington Peninsula, Phillip Island and hopefully catch a glimpse of penguins there and travel to the Great Ocean Road and and enjoy the view of the 12 apostles and experience wine making in the Yarra valley vineyards.

And of course I am looking forward to meeting and spending time again with Jacob, my Australian travel mate, an hardcore Melbournian, as we explore Melbourne together and continue our impromptu date that started as a travel rendezvous and has just continued ever since. 

With all this waiting for you on the plate, It's your time to visit Melbourne NOW and satiate your travel lust because Melbourne is a beautiful example of a city telling the beautiful story of it's own cultural evolution, as the technology revolution gradually melts distances and boundaries and the world becomes one small village, it depicts how beautifully the old and the new can blend and coexist in harmony, with the old laying the foundation of the new modern era, and the modern preserving the old and building on it's strong foundations and in the process enriching the experience that is available for a hungry traveler to savior. 

For more information and to plan your trip you could visit 


Suz said...

take pictures..please

Kyra said...

@Suz thank you, but this trip will happen if I win the contest I wrote it for, but who knows I still might go anyways, will keep u posted if I do :)

Relyn Lawson said...

Have a marvelous time!! I, too, long to travel. That's the really the only thing about my life I'd change - I would travel more.

Kyra said...

@Kyra Relyn yeah if I win the contest I wrote it for and yeah I know that familiar feeling of wanting to travel, I wish the same too :)