Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wish List

March happens to be my birthday month (25th being the day), I am a disaster when it comes to wishing, most of the times I begin with 'I wish......Full stop. And I end up saying, go ahead life, give me whatever u think is best for me.'  And this I think is the reason of my disastrous wish response record, 'cuz I read it somewhere, 'If u want something, be specific about it.' So this year I have decided to break free from my usual wish making and make a tiny wish list of my own.

So for my 25th Birthday and the year to come ahead I wish for -

Surprise, surprise and lots of surprises.
A bunch of white daisies :D :D
A white and blue party dress and sexy sandals.
A beach vacation.
Hot air balloon ride and sand dune party.
A trekking trip and cottage vacation.
Determination and perseverance and patience to work hard and Clear the exams I am targeting this year.
May love find me and may I find love (of course I have lots of people of love), but here I am referring to the one and only ;).

This my tiny little Birthday wishlist. I shall keep u updated about it's progress through blog posts.

Love and smiles.


sonu mishra said...

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Relyn said...


I have been meaning to come over and thank you for your comment about my name. Relyn has no meaning that I've ever been able to find, so it thrilled me to find out that my name could be interpreted to mean having a deeply connected soul. I LOVE it!! That's the best gify I've been given in a long time. Thank you, friend. Blessings to you and yours.

meeta said...

@Relyn I am glad u like it :)..it means somebody connected deeply to the their soul or immersed within their soul.