Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Someone once told me, birthdays are magical days, but this year, there was no magic and I kept wondering why!! and then I realized that it's probably because -  

Even after 25 years of having been alive and kicking, I am still blundering around, trying to find my road, to find the fuel that shall turn on the light within into a raging inferno.....25 yrs of not coming in terms with my own self, of lacking an understanding of my self....What a shame and What a huge waste of a life.
            I am angry with myself for wasting away the gift of life, angry with myself at being so confused, angry with myself when I see people who've found their passions and what that passion can do to a human being and how that drive can make life such a beauty, angry that I can't still find mine because I had rather be a flower of a day, filled with passion, purpose and to have done something worthwhile in that one day, than having had a life time of nothing but existing....being passionless, makes me angry and my anger makes me weary of myself.


Relyn said...

Oh, Meeta. I am wishing you a happy, happy birthday. I wish for you a very special year - a year of self-compassion and motivation toward new things. I wish you to be tender with yourself and to begin to Leap! Sending you much love.

meeta said...

@Relyn thank you for the wishes and Amen :)

Lot of love,
Meeta :)