Monday, February 14, 2011

Thank You

Been a long time since I did the New year resolutions - Thank you post, no wonder I have been feeling so heavy under the weight of all the Thank you's waiting to be said.

Had been busy preparing for an exam, which mattered a lot and turned out to be a real kick in the ass. But I owe it to an amazing set of family and friends who were kind enough to tolerate me with my never ending panic attacks and mood swings. and here begins the Thank you Roll -

 Mom and Dad - Boy they have patience, to have brought me up and to have tolerated me all these years and to still want to bear with me. Hats off. I wish, more than anything that my choices would make you happy and am waiting for the day when they will make u happy (yeah I have hopes, that that day will come some day).

Bhai - for all the lemon tarts he got me, I owe my weight gain to them.

Surubhi - well, well, well, I am just thankful for my blessings, that I have her in my life and that she hasn't decided to disown me yet, after all my brattiness, I love you mumma and Though it may seem like, I don't value your words, concerns and presence in my life, I am aware of the treasure I have in the form of your words, your presence, the understanding that u give me and am thankful for it, but that doesn't mean I won't ask for more :P :P

Adee - A big big big very big thank you HD, for not just your wishes, but your words, for being around when am low, for making me smile and knowing when u need to make me smile and for letting me be what I am. And if the stamp paper guarantee, you have given me turns true, partying it shall be. I am blessed to have you around and I am always aware of that.

KP - (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) for being the sweetest and the bestest thing to happen to me and for tolerating my panic tantrums, for all your wishes and prayers (i hope they work

Anirudhha and Vineet - Thankyou for your wishes and the wake up call and pep up talks.

Kaushik and Himanshu - Thank you for the wishes, If I make it through the exam, I'll torture u more with my dactari :P :P

Amit, Prachi, Pranav, Sumit, Masi, Masaji, Mamu, Nani Thank you for all your wishes and love. Love u all.

Rahul and Anoop - for making bloodaid possible, for all your efforts and help.

Rahul Uncle - For your love and concern.

Monica - U are the sweetest friend.

My maid, my driver for their kind wishes and for making my life, as easy as it.

To pallavi, Gautam, Surubhi, Kaushik, Vineet and Himanshu - for all the fun we had over the weekend.

And to countless other people who knowingly or unknowingly make my life easier, and have kept me in your prayers, I do make it a point to say Thank you to all these people but still. And though u may not read this or even need this. I need to say this. Because, When I say Thank You, I offer my gratitude, for things for which I can't give back anything in return.

I am blessed to have u all around.


Adee said...

lets commemorate this post by forever changing the spelling of hugs to dugs. u know why i've added the d, right sd and gd ;)

on a serious note, u r a wonderful and much needed presence in my life meeta. hope u remember the anagram i made out of our names to describe our 'cosmic relationship' :)

on the other hand, it'll be too funny if we start tweeting *BIG dugs* to each other :D :D :D

meeta said...

@Adee Haha HD "let it be dugs then" but we are going to look awesome duggging each other.

And i remember the Anagram, it's an interesting thing that we have between us, u me, surubhi :)

Surubhi said...

Wah meri bratty kyra atleast you accepted that you are a brat and a pain in the butt :P But i still love you loads and will continue to daato you when you get out of hand no matter how many dirty looks I get from Adee :D mwaaaaaaaaaaah meri jaan :)

meeta said...

@Surubhi yay!! a post longer than 4 words!!!...mwaaah mumma & fyi i NEVER give u dirty looks.