Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Resolutions 2011 - cooking

Well, I havn't forgotten and I am making efforts to cook. Bought quite a few cook books on the cuisines I wanted to try this year, that is Lebanese, Italian and Indian.

Started my cooking experiment, On Sunday 13th Feb, with an innovation of my own, a sweet dish made by grinding together almonds and raisins into a paste, with a little warm milk and cardamom, to be eaten chilled. (Everyone liked it, i'll just need to tweak the proportions a bit ;D)

Today, tried my hand at Lebanese cooking, Made falafel with hummus, fried chick peas and pita bread salad, as per the recipe, given in Nita Mehta's guide to Lebanese cooking. It turned out to be good and I felt so happy to have cooked an entire meal all by myself, I was literally jumping on the floor.

Now, I can really say, It is a joy to cook, all you need for cooking is to love food and readiness to experiment.

My cooking experiments shall continue..keep looking at this space for more such joyous cooking filled posts.


Relyn said...

YUM! I want to eat at your house.

meeta said...

u are always elcum..wld love to cook for you. :)