Monday, August 9, 2010

"Prevention is better than Cure"

I am sure everyone of u readers have come across the above advice time & again. Generally we laugh this advice off, but as a Doctor I can tell u that Prevention is not just better than times it's the ONLY cure.

And when not the only cure Prevention is any day better than falling sick, feeling ill, getting a battery of tests done (in the process getting pricked & poked by countless needles) & then eating bitter medicine....So when it can be prevented, a disease should be prevented.

Since It's Monsoon season going on currently, which increases frequency of water borne, food borne & mosquito borne diseases...I'll try to line out a few basic precautions which can be of help.

Water-Borne diseases are diseases that spread due to consumption of dirt/contaminated water e.g. Typhoid, Jaundice, cholera etc.

Preventive measures :  Avoid drinking water from unsafe sources.
                                       At home boil water (best form of water purification) or use water Purifier (when    using Purifier, make sure you get it serviced as per manufacturer's guidelines).
                                       Make sure that you handle drinking water with clean hands & the water containers are covered.
                                       Consult a doctor for vaccine Preventable water borne diseases like Typhoid, Hep A (in case of epidemic)
                                        In case you notice bad smell or change in color in the your water, do notify the MCD administration of your area & your housing society. Do get your Over head storage tanks cleaned regularly.
                                         Avoid using swimming pools unless sure of their cleanliness during rainy weather.

Food Borne diseases that spread by contaminated food like gastroenteritis & diarrheal illnesses etc

Preventive measures :    Avoid eating uncooked/ poorly cooked/ stale food during rainy season.
                                     Avoid eating street food/ at mass gatherings.

Mosquito borne diseases are the disease which are transmitted through mosquitoes e.g. Malaria, Dengue, Chickengunya etc.

Preventive measures:    Wear clothes that cover your entire body/ otherwise Use mosquito repellents (trust the repellent is better than popping bitter Quinine Tablets ask anyone who's taken the tabs once)

                                     Make sure that no water accumulation takes place in your surrounding areas..Clean out the coolers/ add oil to them. Keep a look out for any bottles or jars or pots where accidental water might get accumulated (this helps to prevent mosquito breeding)

                                      In case of open drains notify the MCD & getting them to cover up the drains or else take a community cleaning drive & weekly pour an oil layer on open drains/ consult the local authorities for pesticide sprays.

                                      In case of high grade fever with chills & shivering associated with vomiting headaches, joint pains or red spots over body, CONSULT a doctor IMMEDIATELY (because certain types of malaria & Dengue can kill as fast as they can be cured If diagnosed timely).  

To sum it up, a bit of timely Caution never kills. It's your life, It's your health, So Take a little bit of time and work to Keep yourself healthy...Enjoy .

(P.S. Precautions are not a substitute for doctors and please make sure you take appropriate medical advice while taking precautions.)


Dr.Dheep said...

Something to contemplate on.... Prevention can indeed save a lot of trouble, not to mention time and money lost due to the disease.

meeta said...

@Dr. Dheep thanku for the read and the suggestions doc :)

Nishant Tyagi said...

I agree on every word. I would add De-worming every 6 months especially for children < 15 years, optional for adults. And swine flu vaccine for those at risk - health care workers , children < 5 y , those with Asthma , Heart Failure ...

meeta said...

@DocNT thanks for the read..It's actually a series of health tip post so will cover up ur suggestions by & by.