Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fighting Breast Cancer

I'm currently working in an Onco-Surgery clinic & since I'm dealing with cancer patients day in & out &  will be assisting Breast cancer surgeries today..I thought I'll talk a bit about the Cancer which is pretty common, carries best prognosis & survival rate if detected timely - Breast Cancer.

Breast Cancer if detected early is treatable in 95 % cases with excellent 5 yr survival rates.

All you need to do to make a mickey out of this dreaded cancer is a little timely caution. These are the following steps that can help :

- Any female above 18 yrs of age should do routine "Self-Breast Examination" every month on a fixed day 4- 5 days after Menses.

- For the examination
Stand In front of the mirror & first look at the shape & size of both the breasts.
Note any abnormality in the shape, size or symmetry of the breast, also look for any dimple or scarring in both the breast, any abnormality in the shape of the nipples or Discharge from them.

 Perform the above steps once with both your hands dangling by your sides & the with both your arms raised above your head.

After this palpate your breasts using your fingers tips trying to feel for any small nodules, hardness, pain or increase of temperature in any particular region of breast while doing so, Do Not hold the breast tissue b/w your hand & thumb ('cuz then u might confuse normal breast gland with a lump)..just go pressing your finger in a clockwise manner all over your breast.

Do this with hands down, then hands raised & finally try to feel any lump, nodule or hardness in your arm pits.

In case u find any change in size or asymmetry b/w the size of the two breasts or any nodule or hardness Please visit your Gynaecologist ASAP.

- After the age of 25 yrs it is advisable to have a Gynec examine your breast at the interval of every 3 months.

- After the age of 40 It is essential that you at least get your breasts examined by a Gynaec once (Ideally we suggest 3 monthly clinical examination & Mammogram ever 2 yrs till the age of 45 yrs & then annually, but that choice is for your Gynaec to make)

- If you have a family history of breast diseases or breast cancer or Ovarian cancer (i.e. In your mother's family or siblings) It's advisable that you consult a Gynac every 3 months for a clinical examination because of the increased risk.

- Please keep in mind that every lump in breast is not cancer. There are many other diseases that can present with a breast lump, so do not Panic, but at the same time it is essential that your disease is evaluated and treated by a doctor at the earliest.

- The Risks of Breast cancers are high in Patients who have:

  •  used Oral Contraceptive Pills for long,
  •  consume High fatty diet, 
  • Have had Previous breast disease,
  •  Have had a family history of Breast cancer, 
  • Repeated exposure to radiation,
  •  In smoking, alcoholic women or women who do not have kids or have not breast feed.

Such patients should be more cautious during examination.

- And for those of you guys who are lolling away at this post--- Breast cancer occurs even In men so be on your look out.

Breast cancer If diagnosed Timely, can be easily treated & Patient can lead a Normal life for long.

It's never harmful to be Cautious...So Give yourself a chance..Spread the word to as many people as you can...Help Us fight Breast Cancer.


Dr.Dheep said...

Really educational post.... Keep up the good work, doc.

meeta said...

@Dr. Dheep thanku doc..shall try my best :)