Monday, August 16, 2010

I Believe..


It's so easy to pretend & be good at something & get loved for that pretense...&  yet, it's so diffcult to be who u really are & be loved for that.

That is why,

 I walk,
in the shadow of the mask,
Never letting it fall,
'cuz behind the shadows,
beneath the gaiety,
lies a dark sorrow,
lying dormant, 
waiting to explode.


Anonymous said...

everyone should have one person who will hold the mask and look at them as they are...its your mission to find him/her

meeta said...

@theprimate I wish I could fin some on & th someone would nt run away dropping down that mask..shattering it for ever.

Surubhi said...

Please feel free to let go of all that lies you can be free and smile without the mask :)

meeta said...

@Surubhi i smile even with the mask on.

Surubhi said...

Inimak :P

baavriviti said...

you need to trust someone to share what is beneath the mask without the fear of them leaving you behind. it may happen but what is the point of being miserable alone? explode!

meeta said...

@baavri the point is that there is no point exploding either..there are no answers beyond the explosion..just senseless violence.