Monday, February 1, 2010


February is back again. My favorite month of the year. The time moth heralding the beginning of spring.The time when after spending time in the company of bone chilling cold, the blanket of warm sunlight, piercing through cloud of fog, rejuvenates us again. When all the bounties, which Nature had hidden away, from the touch of cold winds, are released again. When the birds start singing, trees and flowers start blooming again. The time of the year, when warmth seeps through all living things, rejuvenating them. The time of the year when Love flows in the air connecting hearts with it’s tender touch.

The time of the year, when nature laughs and sings and beckons my soul to run into it’s open arms. When I can enjoy my solitary rambles through untamed wilderness, Gardens and Parks. When I can quietly lie down under a tree and slip away into the world dreams. When I can sit over the carpet of fallen leaves and grasses and spend time reading a book. When I can sit, watching the stars and moon all through the night.

So, just Slow down for a while, take a deep breath and look around yourself to watch this spectacle of celebration of Life….and take a moment and join in, because, After all, we all have but one Lifetime. 


Toon India said...

beautifully was almost poetry in verse!!

meeta said...

Thanx...could not help getting poetic :)