Monday, July 27, 2009

Indian Parliament - Why we can't do without it.

I just realized how Indian Parliament's being in action affects the various aspects of our lives...i realized this while browsing through newspapers's how
Over the WEEKEND hibernation of Parliament in session affects us:

NEWSPAPERS- 'cuz of the lack of so many dramatic walk in's & walk out's and disruptions
and the usual business titbits have newspace in excess due to which you
find more advertisments in the newspapers than the news.

NEWS-CHANNELS- have u ever wondered why r we forced to up with so many extra pointless
live discussions and dramatic antics of the anchors or for that matter
wierd news stories over the weekend 'cuz our poor NEWS people do not
have the dramatic action coverage from the workings of parliament.

BLOGGERS,TWITTERS- poor us!!! with our spoof sources enjoying their weekends we are
so lamentably left to bear with the stale old updates and
political humor and sattire...'cuz our dear MP's are such a
promising and never ending source of inspiration for our

COMMON-MAN- gets away with a mixed bag 'cuz parliament being not in action leaves a
slightly lesser hole in his hard earned taxable income (which is the
fuel of our parliament and which is so clumsily consumed) but he
obviously misses the massive chunk of entertainment that parliament
being in action provides.

Last but not the least-------

PARLIAMENTARIANS- our MP's themselves are st such a massive disadvantage 'cuz
probably the only amount of exercise their body (apart from their
mouths) gets is through their regular WALK OUT of parliament
routine..thus having serious drawbacks on their fitness regimes and
also on the pockets of their fitness trainers.

Conclusion---- Parliament's being in session is crucial for the social, mental ,
economic and physical health of our nation and it's people so while in
session our parliament should be in session even on weekends (this may
also help in covering up all the time lost in b/w walk out's walk in's
and minor and major tussels that take place on the floor)

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