Thursday, July 30, 2009

Being a Woman......

A hand frantically groped around in darkness,
trying to find an escape.
A cry shattered the silent night,
followed by an uncontrolled wail.

making my way across, the dark street
I stopped to look around,
As i heard the muffled sobbing,

of an unknown in pain...
who lay, veiled in the dark cover of night.

groping along the cold walls,
I saw finally a huddled, shivering ,tiny figure,

Oblivious to me,
Oblivious to darkness all around,
lying all alone, In the oblivion of her own pain.

She cried, at my gentle touch,
shattering my soul, shaking me to the core.

holding her tight,to let her , overcome her fear,
I watched her grappling with an unseen monster, only she could hear.
I felt her flinching at every touch, as pain through her raw wounds seared.
As i brought her, from darkness to light,

I saw, in her eyes an unseen fear,
flowing unchecked in the stream of unwashed tears.

My heart bled for her broken little body and shattered soul,
As ,with trembling lips, she asked me this dreaded question
" How could he??..

  Wasn't he human??...
  Or Was it 'cuz I am a Woman?? "
  But am i not also, someone's sister,
                               somebody's daughter,
                               somebody's a wife,

                               a mother???? "

And we both sat down,Speecless

numbed by the irony of "Being a Women."


sajith viswam said...

Wont felt like leaving yo blog with out giving an appreciation!!!

Wonder y nobody is commenting on these wonderful art!!!
Stunning works all around!!


Hipp Hopper said...