Monday, June 22, 2009

sound of music

the wind gushes around me,
playfully ruffling through my hairs,
mocking me, as it's flows by...
teasing me to try and decipher the music that it makes....
of the sounds from unknown places and unkown people,
it whispers into my ears,
their dreams,

 their wishes,
 their strives,
 their fears....
just as it would whisper to another,
my dreams,

 my wishes, 
my strives,
 my fears.

O' it makes me sing with joy, as it goes passing by,
warming my heart with it's caressing touch,
lightening my cares...

as i whisper to it my lilttle prayer.

it whispers back..

" you are not alone my child,
there are many just like you,
making their way through the current of time,
with the same hopes, same fears and
there were countless before you and shall follow you,
along the same road hither.
 i have seen them all 

and  i have been with them all
through the suns and the rains......."

stick to your path, follow your heart,
and when you are low...

how so ever lonely the road may seem,
come to me, 

i will always be there,
to bless u..
with blessings unheard,
to raise..your spirits with my song,
to hold your hands and help u tarry along"

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