Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I have been missing from this space. This is a fact.

I doubt anyone noticed my absence because I am probably the only one who bothers checking out this space. This is an assumption.

Facts and Assumptions.
Our lives are contained within the premise of these two words.
Paths we choose
Journeys we take
Decisions we make
The stories that our lives become,
Are penned 
In the ink of these Facts and Assumptions.

And yet when it comes to stocking up our facts and making our assumptions
We hardly deliberate
run amok with emotions
we rush.
We rush to gather our facts
We hasten to make our assumptions
then we wonder, how come we ended up as and where we did.

Hold your breath for a moment
For the length of that breath
Yourself Still
Just be
In the length of that moment 
Allow yourself  to just Be.
How long has it been since you have done this?
Been in just the moment?
Celebrated being just alive?

How long has it been, since you have found joy in just your own existence?
Not in your accomplishments, 
In just being you.

In this race against time
Life has become a list of things to do

When was the last time, you gave in to the impromptu?

Laughed without a care
Breathed instead of sighed

Let go your fears


Suz said...

Kyra! I have missed you...You know what happens when you stop blogging...people stop looking for you..I know I have experienced this myself....but no matter....I stopped because I needed to....now I poke my head up a bit and hope someone reads a post or two..but no matter....I still visit people when I have time....time....where does it go...when did I miss it all
Lets both get back to posting...
I need to go back and catch up on all your posts...should be interesting......hopw your travels were fun and full of learning new things

Kyra said...

Suz isn't a beautiful feeling to know that you are not leaving behind these thoughts you write for an empty vacuum? That our thoughts were heard? That they rung a chord in another being, comforted, provoked, moved another soul? These tiny blog posts they connect us.

Time it is an illusion that our minds plays on us. Let us begin, begin with our posts, let us re-establish our threads our connects.

Let us begin again, waiting to reading your posts soon :)

Relyn Lawson said...

I have been missing from my space as well. Or, at least not present as frequently or passionately. It is good to be back among friends.