Wednesday, January 15, 2014



It scares me, this year to come, I am afraid of the uncertainty, of the fog that lays before me, blinding me, my road is lost and I am wandering groping in dark.

It is scary isn't it? But the one lesson that I have learnt over the last year was, to move, no matter what it takes, no matter where u lay the next step, no mater where the next step takes you, the most important thing is to keep moving on, because standing still is definitely not taking you anywhere.

So with all my fears, my despair, I am choosing to keep moving, to take tiny little steps, silently hoping that I may eventually find my way through the fog. I wish for strength, the strength to hold on, to persevere on, to not be overwhelmed, to pursue my dreams and to bring them true.

And 2014 did begin absurdly for me, but then it just got better, I was on a vacation in koh samui, got drunk and lost in the madness of New Year celebrations, was furious with my friend, apologised for my behaviour, but can't yet stop kicking myself in the butt for having been rude and unkind. See what I meant, when I said, this year scares me, it gives me jitters, to the extent that it has left me sleepless with night terrors.

But like my friend pointed out, it can't get worse than it already is, so maybe it will only get better. I will say Amen to that and work to make it better.

So 2014, let us get on, you and I have a lot that we need to accomplish together,

To begin with let us get on with focusing on finding the next best career move (moving abroad and maybe a change of career)
Along with that more travel, because the only way to get over travelling is to get on with travelling more, I have in my itinerary Northeast, Hampi, Leh (again!), Palau, Greece, Turkey and Australia.
To cook and read about cooking more, reading and getting more creatively active and finishing off my 2013 travelogue.

So, dear life, I begin this year, afraid, yet with determination to see myself through the challenges that u have in store for me, I wish, only, for courage and strength to see myself through, for ray of light
when I feel dark within, for a nudge when I am sinking down, for a kick in the butt when you deem it fit and a bang on my head when it needs one, in return I promise not to let you down and give up. I promise to give you the best of me and to make the most of what I have been given. I promise to become a better person than I am (I will begin with that by saying, how sorry I still feel about having been rude and harsh to my friend, hopefully I can make up for it someday).

I promise, to do the most wonderful thing that there is to do - To live, not just survive, but to be truly madly deeply alive, kicking and laughing.

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