Saturday, April 13, 2013


                                                           Swimming has taught me,
                                                                Habits, do change.

                                                          I have, for all of my life so far, 
                                                 been a late to bed and late to rise person,
                                     Apart from a few situations of necessity, and even then,
                                                       Waking up early, is a trial for me.

                                                          Not that It was a problem, 
                                                        But, it's not a great habit either,
                                    Especially, when the habit has become bothersome and worrisome.
Whenever I have to wake up or report for work early or have have something planned up early.
Because I don't like to be a slave to a habit, good or bad.

Even with a lot of effort I was unable to change this habit, 
I decided to attend swimming sessions in morning rather than evening.

I don't know, 
one reason was to avoid the suntan that came with swimming in evening
That swimming early, left my day free for me to fit in all the rest of the things to do.
Also, that I wanted to give myself good exercise, to stay fit and maintain weight.

And, so, it started,
Me waking up early to attend swimming sessions,
To the amazement of everyone who knows me.

The first few days were a real test of my resolve,
While everyone else was waiting to see, 
How long, before I would give up and quit.
But, then, 
to my own and everyone else's surprise,
It worked!!
By the 7th day, it was easier for me to wake up early
And the residual strain that I used to feel on breaking my sleep early, began disappearing.

A habit, that school, college and work could not break, was broken by this
I have no clue,
The same ways as I have no clue why I swim,
Yep it's relaxing, but less so for me,
Because I have to continuously fight my fear of drowning while I swim.
Yet for some reason, I continue swimming.

Everyday, out of my schedule I spend 5 mins floating
This is the time when I just relax, let go and listen to the random thoughts just pop up in my mind.
And, sometimes while doing this I get some clarity of thought
some random realisations,
And it was during one of these moments, that I realised,
Unlike, what is usually believed, that habits once formed are hard to change,
Habits, can change, and easily so,
when provided with a strong or right incentive or motivation.
That, one should always seek change,
Never stop seeking it, because, after all,
Change is the only unchangeable law of nature.


Suz said...

oh you are wise
and I send you blessings
for this life altering choice
good for you
floating.....that's it for me
easy breezy envelopment of wonderful water...yeah!
hopw to hear how this shift shifts other things

Kyra said...

@Suz thank u for the blessings, me too waiting to see what else this change may bring about. For someone who has for a lifetime been a night person, this is a change.

Relyn Lawson said...

I have been working hard on changing one of my habits, too. I used to drive a little reckless because I was always just a few minutes late. I've started getting up early every day and have not been late since. It's been wonderful! Best of luck to you on your new habit.

DocPriya said...

Me too have been working hard to change many of my habits.. One of them being able to get up early.. Never succeeded in it ever.. So much so that I plan to remove it from my improve habits list and concentrate on other stuff.. Well it's always great to read your blog... Keep writing..

Kyra said...

Haha Priya, a good habit of one, which is trouble for another,thank you for your encouraging words and enjoy ticking of your change list.