Saturday, December 29, 2012


A few lines that I wrote, as I saw the protests at India Gate, showing solidarity with the New Delhi gang rape victim and countless others that happen all over India and not just gang rapes, but crime against women in general and the anger that I could feel bubbling in the heart of people against the apathy that is shown not just by the authorities, but also by society in general. And it's after a long time that I have seen the Indian mindset so ruffled and awakened, questioning itself and it's psyche. And I hope that this ruffling will not settle down, rather that it will bring about a change that has been long awaited.

she lay waiting
the rage,
to melt into her veins
the rage,
to turn cold
and turn into
the wrath
that shall become
the unbecoming
of the chains that had long held her tied.

She lay waiting
to be reborn
from the embers
of the fire of the rage
that had been long contained
that has lasted centuries long.

She lay waiting
the carcass frail now,
tolerating since centuries
to turn
her patient unbending endurance
into an Inferno.

After centuries
of having waited
for the change,
She is now awake
milk in her breast curdled
her womb barren
her heart beating with rage
She will now not rest
she sees
her daughters and sisters safe
she will now not surrender
she sees
their dignity restored
she will not let her wrath die
she sees
their shackles forever torn
she will now stand guard
the society
that trod upon her,
strangled her voice,
forced her into becoming a shadow
now lies wide awake from her long slumber
she shall not sleep again
she seeks
the justice that has for so long has been denied to her.


Suz said...

oh this was so moving
...I think you have found your voice
Is it still so bad for women in India?

I will pray for her

Suz said...

I am so sorry....I just heard this poor woman just died...
I hope the murderers are punished

Kyra said...

@Suz yes it's still so bad in India, to the extent that ever since this incident we have 18 more such reported incidents. I feel so ashamed, so sorry and so sad to be a part of such an apathetic society. I am so sorry for that poor child and so many others like her.

Tonight I am sad, outraged and in grief such as I can't express in any words I know of

adee said...

these are painful times for all of us. i hope SHE gets justice, and the place she deserves in the society. well written sd.

Kyra said...

@Adee yes painful and changing times, hopefully they shall bring about a change for better :)