Monday, October 17, 2011

Things to do before I die

There are somethings that I have always wanted to do in my life. A few experiences that I have romanced with as ideas ,always dreaming that I would live them too someday.

Some of those dreams turned into reality, but a reality in which I found myself lost, before, I could finally figure out that I was actually living my own dreams that had come true.

 They taught me an important lesson, that, dreams do come true, but it is not necessary that they will come true just like I had imagined them. So, it is always important to remember our dreams, so that when we see them again with eyes wide open we don't forget them.

That is why, some days when I find myself moving far away from dreams, when something in my hearts tells me that my tiny little dreams (Ok! some which are bordering on madness) are fading away, I jot them down in my little list of 'Things to do before I die', the list which started off as a little one is now growing rapidly, but it is a precious reminder to me of the innocence that still lives within. Because dreams are precious, u never know which little one, just might change the course of your life, I cannot afford to loose mine.

I was making a tiny addition to that list tonight, when I just wondered why do I continue making this list longer, I found my answer in what I have shared above.

Keep dreaming, Keep living, and finding the dreams that come true in the Jigsaw puzzle called 'Our life'


Relyn said...

I wrote about similar thoughts the other day. I think, make your own dreams come true. We only have one life.

Relyn said...

Was just stopping by to say hello - again.