Saturday, September 3, 2011

My love

That smile,

which begins slowly at the corner of his lips,
unfolds petal by petal, like a blooming flower
erasing, as it travels, the worry laced wrinkles lining his forehead,
wiping off the scowl from his face and the piles of concerns from his mind,

That smile,

which travels from his lips,
lights up his heart , shines from within his eyes
and gazes at me from within his distant voice,
however long it lasts,

That smile,
is my love,
my life's joy,
my soul's wish within my every prayer.
His smile.


Rachit said...

And the smile in his lips brighten after seeing her glowing face.
loved it :)
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Relyn said...

I really, really love this! Did you write it?

meeta said...

@Relyn, yes I wrote this:)..everything that I post here without a reference or credit, is my own writing, and when i use somebody else's work i always mention :.

meeta said...

@Rachit wish it would :)