Friday, May 13, 2011


Been a while since I blogged, Infact it's been a since I have written anything. It's as if a relentless writer's block has set in. I can't seem to catch the words and string 'em together, they come and go, taunting me, calling me from a distance, I hear their call, I see them....but I can't make myself stretch out to 'em and even if I make the effort, I loose 'em before I can reach 'em.

I am stuck in nothing, I am stuck with nothing and I am struggling like a fish who falls out of water, to escape this nothingness.

I have lost myself somewhere within my own self and I just can't seem to find the way, may be the words will return back to me and help me find an escape.

Till then I shall keep blundering through the darkness, trying to catch hold of those words which are playing hide and seek with me.


Suz said...

Meeta, don't be so sad about not being able to is only stewing
when the right image appears that stirs you, write about it
when you are stirred to joy by a smile, write about it
when a bid sits a bit too long and stares at you,
write about it
it is in the ordinary that we see beauty
and find mater how busy we are, even the sight of the bluest sky can awaken us
be filled with the ordinary and the words will come
Thank you for always visiting me
and leaving such nice words
I cherish them

meeta said...

@Suz Thanku for the words and suggestions..I was actually more bothered about unable to write poetry than prose...I can write prose but to write poetry I have to be at peace with whatever state my mind is in..and so when I am unable to write poems, I am missing my peace and I feel bugged.