Thursday, May 19, 2011

beneath the dust

I wandered again,
in the maze of locked doors,
long forgotten.

turned a few knobs,
listening to the screams of past,
that broke free

I had left undisturbed,
the dust covered rust of memories.

why the knobs had been left unturned,
and memories left to rust
beneath the dust.


sheetal said...

Hey meeta.. Nice work. Indeed very deep thoughts.. Very beautiful..

प्रतीक माहेश्वरी said...

yes few memories are better left alone..
but then we should know which knob to turn and when..

meeta said...

@Sheetal Thanku for the read and ur words :)

meeta said...

@Prateek yeah right

Suz said...

we always seem to know about those locked doors, secret rooms
I say air them out
let in the light
and be healed

meeta said...

@Suz there is a season and time for everything to happen..maybe when i am ready and the season & the reason turns up :)

Surubhi said...

Meeta that's why I always never ever look back in life....coz what is gone is past and it should be left alone to rest in peace :)

beth said...

your poetry is beautiful !

meeta said...

@beth thankyou for stopping by...taking out time and going through my work and the comment..I am glad u enjoyed and liked reading the poem :)