Wednesday, October 28, 2009

stillness speaks: A lonely moment

stillness speaks: A lonely moment

A lonely moment

As I find myself  standing alone,
In this sea of people known and unknown,
A sadness grips my heart,
To know that it’s still alone.
A tear falls across my face,
As I stand looking into the crowd,
waiting, For a warm embrace,
looking, for a familiar face,
Searching, for a friendly glance,
Anything that would drive my loneliness away,
But all that my eyes find,
Are cold and unwelcome stares,
In this vast sea of human faces,
Where i stand alone.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

stillness speaks: A journey through the sky

stillness speaks: A journey through the sky

A journey through the sky

I sat wondering how to put into words
What my eyes had seen,
As we flew across the evening sky,
Like a bird flying to get back home,
After the end of a very long day,
While the day changes into the night.

As we floated away in the sea of dark clouds,
While they came to embrace us wave after wave,
I felt a purely childish glee,
Glee I used to feel as wave after wave, Washed over me,
while I lay on the sandy beach.
The delight I used to feel being tossed into the arms of the beckoning sea.
I could feel the same delight that the waves and the sea felt,
In the dark cloudy forms as we flew ,
 scattering them far far away.

As I glanced afar, and the clouds broke away,
I was mesmerized watching the colorful symphony,
That, the evening sky, the setting sun & the young night played.
I watched the orange flames rise to engulf the blue sky,
Till the young night caught up with them,
And brought down it’s dark curtains,
To begin the show again….
With the moon and stars.

But before the night could begin,
I glanced down upon an ocean of, Glittering golden lights,
As Not be left behind, human hand joined the play,
To set the night’s stage on fire ,
With it’s electrical display……
And thus I watched,
The perfect symphony of man and nature,
Being displayed, stroke after stroke,
While I wandered through the evening sky

(i tried to put into words a phenomenon for which words are not enough, rather there are no words....but if u could not understand what i was trying to describe's something that u get to watch while flying at the time where the day meets the dusk and turns into the night..if u ever fly during this time do look out of your window and i am sure u will feel what i my words have faled to describe)

Friday, October 9, 2009

stillness speaks: Lessons of life!!!!

stillness speaks: Lessons of life!!!!

Lessons of life!!!!

I came to the Med-school to learn  how to become a good doctor, how to be able to help my patients have a better life.More Importantly I wanted to be a different doctor than the apathetic one's who were responsible for my misdiagnosed medical illness, which could have turned was to bring about a change in this attitude of doctor's that put the final seal on my career path.To make a difference by being not just a doctor but a human being who could empathize with others.
                                       But, Four years in college though have taught me medicine (which i would have learnt even by reading books any day) , they didn't teach me to become the professional I wanted to be...but These years, The harsh life here, The rotten experiences & The people I came across, taught me something more important...They taught me valuable lessons of life....lessons I am going to remember for the rest of my life & use 'em to shape my attitude for times ahead.

So, here's a list of 10 important lessons I'av learnt from my College experiences :

  • Never let your personal and professional lives mix ( i knew this one even before i entered the med-school, but now it is imprinted in stone in my mind)...'cuz whenever They both mix, both are affected adversely.
  • When you are dealing with Dogs...always remember that every Dog has it's day, If it's not your day today, wait patiently for yours & when it comes, treat all those Dog's the way they treated you and other's when it was their day ('cuz there are some people who only understand when they'r kicked face down into mud by a kick on their butts).
  • But, When you are not dealing with Dogs and rather decent humans....remember to treat them in the same way you would expect yourself to be treated if you were in their place, treat them with same dignity as you would expect for yourself if you were in their place. ('cuz it's the only thing that would save you from being labelled as Dog in other people's book, always remember other's are as human as you are)
  • Respect a person who's doing his work with honesty and dedication, whatever and how soever trivial it maybe..'cuz by doing his part sincerely he's making life easier for you, even if it's teeniest bit. (Judge a person on his efficiency in work not his efficiency to get credit without doing the work)
  • The Golden rule to Judge a person's character is by wether he realizes the importance of  the time of others..not just his equals but that of his subordinates. (If a person respects the value of your time, respect them remember this yourself as well while dealing with people)
  • Every professional has a shelf life, acknowledge yours when your time comes and bow out with grace at your professional Zenith ( it's better than watching your glory turn into dust right before your own eyes)
  • If you love your profession and you cannot tolerate babudom, nepotism & flattery then either work hard on developing your patience, controlling your anger and facing disappointments or else work for the sake of your love (forget about the rest)
  • If you love your profession and you are surrounded with brick idiots use the following ass saving precaution...keep your reason and common sense on a burner & forget about it till the time's right ('cuz if u'll use 'em you'll find your own ass on the burner instead) or else find a new job!!!
  • Never trust people especially who love to call themselves your friends ( and you can't remember one friendly act of their's)..they are jackals and hyenas wearing human skin..ready to pounce on you at the first chance.
  • Don't let your success and your position go to your ahead 'cuz they turn you blind and the higher you rise the harder you fall, and Don' let your conscience one but you can allow it to be killed & the day it dies, you'll be dead as a Human being..what would be left of you would be an animal. ('cuz Both humans and animals are living beings, the thing that makes us human is our conscience)