Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A lonely moment

As I find myself  standing alone,
In this sea of people known and unknown,
A sadness grips my heart,
To know that it’s still alone.
A tear falls across my face,
As I stand looking into the crowd,
waiting, For a warm embrace,
looking, for a familiar face,
Searching, for a friendly glance,
Anything that would drive my loneliness away,
But all that my eyes find,
Are cold and unwelcome stares,
In this vast sea of human faces,
Where i stand alone.


kawal said...

waah ,..!!loved it.! very very true:)

Shakz said...

I wonder if it is
I wonder where it is
I think it is us
People who are called genius
Find us alone in a crowded bus !

Jokes apart ! Brilliant !
Way to go !

meeta said...

@Shakz hah u wrote a beautiful poem in answer..looks lyk i'll have to RT u'r comment now :D.

Thanku very much :)

@kawal thank you :)

Toon India said...

beautiful poem

hey do check my start up in this spce

keep them coming

meeta said...

@Toon India thank u :)..did chk u'r site..nice..infact i registered :)

adee said...

agar dil ishq mein dooba hai to main bheed mein bhi akela kahan, aur agar dil ishq se marhoom, toh phir logon ka sath hi kya...