Saturday, October 17, 2009

A journey through the sky

I sat wondering how to put into words
What my eyes had seen,
As we flew across the evening sky,
Like a bird flying to get back home,
After the end of a very long day,
While the day changes into the night.

As we floated away in the sea of dark clouds,
While they came to embrace us wave after wave,
I felt a purely childish glee,
Glee I used to feel as wave after wave, Washed over me,
while I lay on the sandy beach.
The delight I used to feel being tossed into the arms of the beckoning sea.
I could feel the same delight that the waves and the sea felt,
In the dark cloudy forms as we flew ,
 scattering them far far away.

As I glanced afar, and the clouds broke away,
I was mesmerized watching the colorful symphony,
That, the evening sky, the setting sun & the young night played.
I watched the orange flames rise to engulf the blue sky,
Till the young night caught up with them,
And brought down it’s dark curtains,
To begin the show again….
With the moon and stars.

But before the night could begin,
I glanced down upon an ocean of, Glittering golden lights,
As Not be left behind, human hand joined the play,
To set the night’s stage on fire ,
With it’s electrical display……
And thus I watched,
The perfect symphony of man and nature,
Being displayed, stroke after stroke,
While I wandered through the evening sky

(i tried to put into words a phenomenon for which words are not enough, rather there are no words....but if u could not understand what i was trying to describe's something that u get to watch while flying at the time where the day meets the dusk and turns into the night..if u ever fly during this time do look out of your window and i am sure u will feel what i my words have faled to describe)


Arti Honrao said...

Straight from the heart, can feel it.


NotFunnyNotFamous said...

Lovely... you did justice to your emotions! :)

danishctc said...

Good 1 :)
I understand it absolutely! I tend to resort to a similar level of abstraction :) identify one's emotional state in various forms of nature.
Keep it up :)

PS: btw, u've used d word wave 6 times ;)

Hipp Hopper said...

Well written... liked it.

meeta said...

thank u all 4 your comments and feed back :)