Sunday, May 17, 2009

At a Glance---" 17.05.09- results o' india's 15th parliamentary polls"

Heylo readers............i will dedicate today's " At a Glance" solely to the one and only thing i can see or hear wherever i turn around................." The Poll results"---chunav parinam ( in hindi)
So lemme tell u the results first----after abt 20 decades, the Indian electorate for once hav given a clean and clear majority to a single political party---- The Indian National Congress, so finally we have got rid of the political potpourrie, which has become the bane of our national development and have a stable governmet to look forward to..................
my feelings abt the result are a mixture of relief, happiness and terror.........u might think that's allow me to explain------- relief from the fact, that we
hav been saved from the results of a terrible political concotion ( of mayawati,jayalalitha, mamta, mulayam,lalu, chandrababu,third front, fourth front n what not, with the common
denominator of their own selfish interets and nothin beyond).......Phewww!!!...we have been saved by the Great Indian Electorate.
Happiness---i wasn't intially happy when i realized that Congress

had been voted back ( and no i am not a supporter o' the BJP) because it means another 5 years o' dealing with a family driven, person oriented government comprised of pet boys who are predominantly

brainless maverick's (the reason for my terror imagine having Arjun Singh for another 5 yrs as HRD minister...ARGHHHHHHH,lord mecry).......................but as i sat thinking and analysing the results, A question rose in my

mind....Why???.....Why this time the indian electorate instead of doling out a fragmented verdict ( as expected by even the parties themselves, predicted by the exit polls, media and analysts) flumoxed everyone with this

verdict..........'cuz all the parties as usual were talking their usual crap and the electorate see's through it and congress esp. Due it's disastrous policies and choice of
coalition parterners was more in the dock

than anyone else.....then why????
It was the answer to this question that struck me as joy...........the answer is that finally people in india have started looking beyond religion, caste , region

etc....over the broader picture, that is, of performance against promises ( that are at times unreasonable, unfathomable! and spurious)...............These results are not a victory of Congress (plz also those party

loyalists who are in that euophoria, may come out o' it)......neither it was the magic of youth, or charisma of a person.............This verdict is a victory of a man's integirity, of his uncompromising determination of not letting

any person or any party , for any reason to hold at ransome his integrity , his determination not to compromise his far sightedness for the near term benefits, his un
bending professionalism and political ethics-------and that man is none other the highest ranking public servant o' this country-- Our Prime Minister ---Dr. Manmohan

Singh...............this result is a tribute by the indian electorate to this man and his integirity.......this is the payement of the electorate to this man for his unbending determination through their faith .....which they
have put in this man ( mind you not his party
nor anyother person).......but only in this calm,
quiet, determined,intelligent,diligent,hard working and honest common man.
Dr Singh i donot know wether

u have understood this salute or wether anybody else has realise this or have the guts to accept it, but i would like to say this to u sir...................U have a chance, the greatest that life or a country can offer to a be a leader and make a difference and to deliver
your country out of the clutches of these
political demons who survive by petty castism, regionalism, religious fundamentalism, without any moral code........................You Mr. Singh are people's choice (choice of every man
whose integrity has been held at ransome like yours and who fought for it) to end this evil........i sincerly hope that you will not let it go by.
with best wishes.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

At a Glance---14.05.09

Heylo......m bck with " At a Glance"..........ummm did'nt find anything intresting enough to get me started writing.........but i was watching a movie today and i heard very intriguing dialogue:
The movie was " Meet Joe Black"........Anthony Hopkins says this to his on screen daughter " Love is passion, obsession....sumthing you can't live without.....find someone you fall head over heels in love, love him wildly and let him love you find that love keep yourself open......donot think with your mind,think with your heart........there's no sense living life without make the journey and not fall deeply in love, you have not lived a life....but you hav to try it,'cuz if u havn' tried, you havn' lived"...............

these words speak everything themselves nd true enough, life is nothing without life, even if you havn' found someone if you keep always have a feeling o' expectation, of sumthin that might happen...u knw o' hope.

Thought i had share it.....c u all....nd wish you enough....:)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

At a Glance 10.5.09

Bck again with " At a Glance".........ummm actually people eventhough i went through, 3 of the india's top circulating newspapers........could not find anything stimulating enough to write about........
The papers were harping about the usual political jargon, the Nepal situation, Lanka-tamil standoff.........i don' think anything more needs to be written about these issues...we have enough material to read through in between all the newspapers and editorials.............oh now that i remember i did come across 2 intresting bits o' news pieces.....
* One about synthetic gourmet, which in common jargon implies food prepared purely with the help o' artifical ingridients ( no vegies, no fruits, no spices, no meat)...jst chemicals, which contain the adequate proteins, carbs, fats and use of artificial flavors to bring about the desired taste..............the creator is a french chef ( i forgot the name..m srry) in Japan.....................though the chef claims this is the trend of coming future, sumthing like food capsules, the event has started a debate ( i would hav been surprised if it hadn't)..............personally speaking i m fine with my good ol' food, though it's cumbersum when we have to cook it, but still nothin like it....but once in a while i can even try the synthetic stuff ( u knw if m not feelin like cooking and neither is the cook deelin like it ;)...)
* Second bit o' news is about a TPS, sumthin called as Toxic politician syndrome......i read about it in an editorial in The Hindustan Times, describing a syndrome which mainly affects the disgusting politicans of ours and it's effects on tthe general population as made a very enlightning nd hilarious read...intrested readers may read it on the e-paper.

Oh yeah before i end, i forgot to mention a piece o' news was about the intervention that our Hon' Supreme Court has done to save the delicate Aravali ecosytem, from the clutches of rampant miners and unconcerned Haryana state government........kudos to the court for their efforts ( i sincerely hope that their intervention is implemented, otherwise we are on the verge o' an eco-disaster).....
So long people ( i may have to neglect this coloumn for a couple o' days ahead...'cuz of inevitable clg schedule).....hope that some one apart from me reads this...CHOW.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

At a Glance--9.5.09

Hello second day o' " At a Glance" again i quickly leafed through a couple o' e-papers (taxing college schedule)........and leaving apart all the political bullshit (both at the national and international levels) which includes, politicians (mind you not leaders, very few exist in our times...jst cheap ol' politicians) calling each other filthy names and pulling eachother's legs in a manner even kindergarten students would not and the american politicans trying to strong holding their Big Daddy role in SE-Asia (though i do respect president Obama for atleast trying to change the traditional American foreign policy with regard to Indo
-Pak scenario, using the role o' Big Daddy to correct the mistakes o'his predecessors is dissapointing, i thought he had the makings o' a leader, but then it's too early to pass that judgement)......................
these and other issues o' world politics here nd there.....we hav so many expert writer's to do those news headlines the justice so i'll keep today's thread to the only news bit i found worth while:

* I read this in the delhi edition of Times of India e-paper........a world bank project found that indian stand on needing a greater chunk o' carbon space for the development o' there masses credible against allegations that India was simply using this as an excuse to cover up their non-chalant and irresponsible attitude..................ummm being an Indian citizen i would like to tell anyone who's reading that though it is true that we do need more carbon sapce than those o' the developed european and americans, the basic reason is that we incorporate allmost equal to their population in the subcontinent nd half of which is illiterate and unaware and unconcerned with any of the global enviornment issues...............

BUT But but and but our government is using this as an excuse to evade their responsibility and the headache of action............the situation is easily managable and the only effort needed ont he part of the government is to have people who are qualified enough to understand the situation and capable of discion making in the right place ( which is the problem...'cuz leaving apart a few, all our netaji's are a part o' the large mass o' uninformed nd unconcerned people i mentioned above)

An example to this statement is published in the same paper as an article called " go green"......which states that one o' the Industrial giants o' India---the Tata's have taken intiative to curb down carbon emission at their 8 industrial units (which are steel production units) and are using expert help for this kudos to Mr Tata and his team for their intiative and leadership skills.............and i would like everyone to imagine that if these intiatives were also taken up by all our industrial leaders, and even half our countires literate population individually we could easily curb down our carbon emissions and use less carbon space even while sustaining our development...................the only intiative required by the government would then be just supporting these industrial efforts, undertaking stringent implement of Green Norms and spread of mass awareness i seriously don't think that's too much to ask, considering the amount o' effort we waste on lesser important issues.

* P.S:- this was also the issue which i had wanted to address yesterday but could not do so due to lack of time.....And i wish all the mother's o' d worl' A very happy " MOTHER'S DAY", sumthing i missed yesterday, though i do not believe that one single day is enough to celebrate a phenmenon called being a mother but still.

Friday, May 8, 2009

At a Glance- 8.5.09

'cuz i was pressed for time today ( due to an inborn error of my laptop, which is constantly crashing and the hardships of being a medical student )......jst caught a peek at a copule o' e-papers...nd my pick o' the day include:

* Just 57 per cent electoral turn out in India's capital Delhi for the third phase of our parliamentary elections.............which according to some is a very good improvement over previous trend.....but according to my personal opinion---SHAME CAPITAL nd SHAME PEOPLE....after the amount of harping about our rights nd previlges nd democracy....waste of newsprint about dance of democracy, mass and electronic media awarness, if we cannot even vote for our rights...we have no reason to crib....'cuz " WE ELECT THE TREATMENT WE GET".

* Finally scientists in Canada have managed to crack the genetic code of the swine flu virus, which has of lately got the whole world on it's toes....and even though mass production of vaccine have started, still according to predicted reports more than one third of the world will have to face the virus (and as a medico, based on my theory, the rest of one third of the world will also experince it if it becomes a pandemic, which is very likely in our global village world).............well my kudos to the efforts of all the scientists and to put their feelings into words---there's a saying every dog has it's day, in all probablity the speaker was unaware of the term avian influenza.....otherwise the saying would be every pig, chick, geese, cat and poultry has it's day...........which leads to sleepless nights of the above mentioned kind researchers.

I have to more bits which i wanna share but 'cuz am running outta time atd mo' i'll post them tomorrow......till then chow.


At a glance

Hello readers ( very sadly there are none still)......m startin a new series...considering how irregular i am, not a good idea.....but sumthing new is atleast better than nothing (seriously monotony is torture).........
what is " At a Glance"'s about my opinion of the world around me and what i catch of it through a glance at the various e-papers, news headlines and's my take at what's happening, might be hillarious, sarcastic, serious......jst about whatever i feel.

Reader's are welcome to put down there comments.

P.S.- all opinions are my personal views, and are not intended to hurt anyone's sentiments....with the assumption that each one of us is entitled to our opinions and we live in a civilized world with freedom of expression.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

An open Question.....

Hi everyone........i knw this is a bit late....but better late than i am askin this question adressed to every Indian....

. What do we vote for people......

Issues that concern us?

I personally would like to vote for candidates who address issues affecting us and are capable of coming up with solutions, rather people who harp about caste, religion or region and are ready to dump an Indian who needs better infrastructure, good roads, clean water, education and job opportunities based on qualifications rather reservations,clean enviornment, better fuel conservation and improved rural and agriculture scene into d bin.

please put forward your opinions and that may be by the next elections we can put before our dear netajis a comprehensive list o' what their janta (electorate) wants out of them.....and hold them accountable.

Waiting for your response...........................

Sunday, May 3, 2009


HAS no one said those daring
Kind eyes should be more learn’d?
Or warned you how despairing
The moths are when they are burned,
I could have warned you, but you are young,
So we speak a different tongue.

O you will take whatever's offered
And dream that all the world's a friend,
Suffer as your mother suffered,
Be as broken in the end.
But I am old and you are young,
And I speak a barbarous tongue.

this is the sequel to the previous poem......through this series of poems yeats beautiful traces the course of life from childhood with it's plenties to youth with it's dreams and dares and age with it's experience and fears.

To a Dancing child in the wild by Y.B. Yeats

DANCE there upon the shore;
What need have you to care
For wind or water's roar?
And tumble out your hair
That the salt drops have wet;
Being young you have not known
The fool's triumph, nor yet
Love lost as soon as won,
Nor the best labourer dead
And all the sheaves to bind.
What need have you to dread
The monstrous crying of wind?

this is a poem titled " To a dancing child in the wind" beautifully captures the innocence and joys of childhood in just a few lines..hope you enjoy.