Saturday, May 9, 2009

At a Glance--9.5.09

Hello second day o' " At a Glance" again i quickly leafed through a couple o' e-papers (taxing college schedule)........and leaving apart all the political bullshit (both at the national and international levels) which includes, politicians (mind you not leaders, very few exist in our times...jst cheap ol' politicians) calling each other filthy names and pulling eachother's legs in a manner even kindergarten students would not and the american politicans trying to strong holding their Big Daddy role in SE-Asia (though i do respect president Obama for atleast trying to change the traditional American foreign policy with regard to Indo
-Pak scenario, using the role o' Big Daddy to correct the mistakes o'his predecessors is dissapointing, i thought he had the makings o' a leader, but then it's too early to pass that judgement)......................
these and other issues o' world politics here nd there.....we hav so many expert writer's to do those news headlines the justice so i'll keep today's thread to the only news bit i found worth while:

* I read this in the delhi edition of Times of India e-paper........a world bank project found that indian stand on needing a greater chunk o' carbon space for the development o' there masses credible against allegations that India was simply using this as an excuse to cover up their non-chalant and irresponsible attitude..................ummm being an Indian citizen i would like to tell anyone who's reading that though it is true that we do need more carbon sapce than those o' the developed european and americans, the basic reason is that we incorporate allmost equal to their population in the subcontinent nd half of which is illiterate and unaware and unconcerned with any of the global enviornment issues...............

BUT But but and but our government is using this as an excuse to evade their responsibility and the headache of action............the situation is easily managable and the only effort needed ont he part of the government is to have people who are qualified enough to understand the situation and capable of discion making in the right place ( which is the problem...'cuz leaving apart a few, all our netaji's are a part o' the large mass o' uninformed nd unconcerned people i mentioned above)

An example to this statement is published in the same paper as an article called " go green"......which states that one o' the Industrial giants o' India---the Tata's have taken intiative to curb down carbon emission at their 8 industrial units (which are steel production units) and are using expert help for this kudos to Mr Tata and his team for their intiative and leadership skills.............and i would like everyone to imagine that if these intiatives were also taken up by all our industrial leaders, and even half our countires literate population individually we could easily curb down our carbon emissions and use less carbon space even while sustaining our development...................the only intiative required by the government would then be just supporting these industrial efforts, undertaking stringent implement of Green Norms and spread of mass awareness i seriously don't think that's too much to ask, considering the amount o' effort we waste on lesser important issues.

* P.S:- this was also the issue which i had wanted to address yesterday but could not do so due to lack of time.....And i wish all the mother's o' d worl' A very happy " MOTHER'S DAY", sumthing i missed yesterday, though i do not believe that one single day is enough to celebrate a phenmenon called being a mother but still.

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