Friday, May 8, 2009

At a Glance- 8.5.09

'cuz i was pressed for time today ( due to an inborn error of my laptop, which is constantly crashing and the hardships of being a medical student )......jst caught a peek at a copule o' e-papers...nd my pick o' the day include:

* Just 57 per cent electoral turn out in India's capital Delhi for the third phase of our parliamentary elections.............which according to some is a very good improvement over previous trend.....but according to my personal opinion---SHAME CAPITAL nd SHAME PEOPLE....after the amount of harping about our rights nd previlges nd democracy....waste of newsprint about dance of democracy, mass and electronic media awarness, if we cannot even vote for our rights...we have no reason to crib....'cuz " WE ELECT THE TREATMENT WE GET".

* Finally scientists in Canada have managed to crack the genetic code of the swine flu virus, which has of lately got the whole world on it's toes....and even though mass production of vaccine have started, still according to predicted reports more than one third of the world will have to face the virus (and as a medico, based on my theory, the rest of one third of the world will also experince it if it becomes a pandemic, which is very likely in our global village world).............well my kudos to the efforts of all the scientists and to put their feelings into words---there's a saying every dog has it's day, in all probablity the speaker was unaware of the term avian influenza.....otherwise the saying would be every pig, chick, geese, cat and poultry has it's day...........which leads to sleepless nights of the above mentioned kind researchers.

I have to more bits which i wanna share but 'cuz am running outta time atd mo' i'll post them tomorrow......till then chow.


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