Wednesday, April 27, 2016




The first law of motion by Newton in classical physics. But, what most people fail to understand is, that it is also the first law of life.

Strange? Yes.
Doubtful? No.

Inertia is referred to, as an inherent state of an object to resist as much as possible, any change in its present state, whether it be rest or motion.

In other words, it is the tendency of any matter, to remain resting if it is at rest or in motion if it is in motion. And it requires an external force to break this inertia.

Simply put, Inertia is a resistance to change. And why just matter or particles, as Newton said it is a law, it applies to us all.

We all love to resist change. More than just a physical concept to be proved in theorems, It is a state of being. Resistance to any sort of suggested change is a mindset, and requires an enormous amount of effort to even acknowledge that our circumstances are such that they require change and we are resisting the change. And a far more tremendous force is required to begin the changes that are required.

That explains, why anything and everything in the universe prefers to resist change. But then, if you look around yourself, you will notice that inspite of Inertia, CHANGE does happen. Both in the world of living and non living.

Lives move on. People change, grow old, die and babies are born.
Times change, continents move, rivers change course, seasons come and go.

Change happens.

Despite of inertia, everything is in motion.


Because, for every action in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction. So for those in rest, there are those in motion. For those in motion, there are those in rest. And the force that is required initially to overcome the resistance or inertia though may be strong, once the change happens very little force is required to continue the process.

When it comes to us human beings, we love to be in a state of minimal mental discomfort. So, in our case the inertia becomes a resistance to be drawn out of our comfort zone, and the resistance come from initiating the mental thought process, which may take us out of our comfort zone. We my be lying on rock bottom or experiencing a free fall in the skies, but if we manage to convince our minds, that we are comfortable in the state we are in, all the fire in hell will be incapable to move us out of our comfort zone.

Our inertia manifests in our apathy, in our fears, in our silence, in our inability to verbalise, in our unwillingness to make an effort, in our helpless, in our hopelessness. It manifests every time we give up, every time we shut ourselves up, when we think we should speak up. Every time when something makes us uncomfortable and we tell ourselves to ignore that feeling.

And yet, Change happens. 

On one spectrum we see people changing. We see people moving one, overcoming challenges and making a difference. On another spectrum, We also find people who are stuck up, finding it hard to beat their circumstances and give up.

Since, a force is required to overcome Inertia, what is that force, which when present helps us overcome our fears and helps us move on?

I can tell you, that a huge force was required for me to get over my inertia, to get back to writing with this piece, after a span of 2 yrs of not having written a word, to get over the fear that I won't be able to find 10 words to writing this mammoth post.  What moved me?

A need for my soul to communicate, to reach out, to express, to be heard, to be able touch, even if just a few lives beyond mine, and to make a difference, even if just a tiny bit. A need to contribute to the world in proportion to the potential I have within, to get over this feeling of just being and then fading into nothingness. A need to feel alive once again, which comes not by just being, but by experiencing the adrenaline rush when we stand up to our fears.

And yet, for my need to become a force strong enough to overcome my inertia, there was a catalyst that I needed, mine was knowing that I am loved and cared for so much. It is an experience that made me so happy that I wanted to reach out, share my joy by making a difference, even if a tiny bit, with my words, in the lives of others.

This force and the catalyst may be different for each of us, it is the experience that makes us move. So, move on, make yourself restless, take yourself in unknown waters, dare to hold your inertia with it horns and fight it. I promise you, you will discover within yourself words, strengths, ideas and thoughts, you never thought you have within.

                     Challenge yourself. And you Will be stunned by what you find. 
                                      Be the beginning of the change u seek.

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Surubhi said...

Great post...inertia almost paralyzes you but but as they say the only thing constant in life is change and when that change kicks your have no choice but to in turn kick inertia, Happy writing....hope to read more from you going forward. Xoxoxoxo