Saturday, September 20, 2014


I want more, And I am shameless enough to say that.
More from myself, from people around me, from my relationships, from life itself.
I want better, And again, I am shameless enough to say so.
Better from myself, from whatever I am doing, wherever I am.

One wonders, if that leads to a constant state of discontent and struggle, Maybe, but there is another side of the coin, and that is,

Unless, I want more or seek better, I will not empower myself enough to get more or to get better.

I have learnt to tell those who call me a cribber, that I am a seeker and I have no intentions of stopping.
I have learnt to tell those who tell me to count my blessings and be happy with them, that I want to keep adding to my count, and not just adding but also to share and spread my blessings.

Because, there is nothing stronger in the world, than the will of a person, And no one knows this better than human race, the power that lies in the will of  a human being to survive, to seek more, to make things better, our civilization where it is now, owes it to the will of those who were not willing to have just enough.

So, do not let anyone, set a limit on your dreams, on what you seek, on the distances you want to travel, the heights that you want to scale. Be the one to define yourself. Be the one to set your limits.

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