Friday, January 18, 2013


Some nights
 are just meant
to stand quietly in open, feeling the cold touch of wind on your naked skin while listening to the sound of wind, those are the nights
 when the wind is singing and u can hear, life silently whispering its blessings to you. 

It's one of those nights
 which heal and rejuvenate
 all that is bruised, tired and broken within. 

It's one of those nights
 when all u need to do is
 quit fighting, 
close your eyes,
 take a deep breath in
let life work it's magic within.

It is one of those night when u can ask for blessings and know that they will be granted. I asked for peace, for guidance, for love, to find myself in his arms, to have his hands holding mine, for a dream to work on and make it come true, for joy and the means to share and spread that joy.


prakashmehta said...


Victoria said...

I love that, Kyra. All of it, but especially 'life whispering its blessings to you.' I hope you get all you asked for...



Kyra said...

@prakash thank you :)

2Victoria I wish life blesses u too :)

Relyn Lawson said...

I tried to comment on the post above, but got an error. I just had to mention what incredible pictures they were. I feel refreshed just looking at them.

Kyra said...

@Relyn thanks..glad u loved the pics :)