Friday, November 23, 2012

Small treats

This post is inspired by this lovely post by my blogger friend Relyn on her blog 'Come sit by my fire'

Small Treats, those tiny little things that, can brighten an otherwise dull, crazy or bad day in just a moment. The magical little things that make up magical little moments, which make life vibrant and beautiful.

My Small Treats
Surprises, getting them and giving them * getting flowers * Daisies * Sunsets * Teddy Bears * watching my gold wish swimming in it's bowl at night * walking on the cold damp grass * enjoying a walk in the cool breeze on a silent night * star gazing * dancing * listening to music with lights dulled and letting it take me on a high * watching one of my fav movies at home on a Saturday night with bowl of soup, burger and ice cream tub * warm nice smelling bubble bath with music in the back ground * talking to friends * writing letters * making personalized gifts * crafts * painting shirts * watching children play * a warm glass of milk with ginger bread * watching the first snow of the season sitting on the porch * reading a nice book tucked up in my quilt on a winter night * dreaming about finding love and spending a lifetime being in love * spa * helping someone in need * the look on the face of an elderly after spending some time with them * hugging someone when they are feeling low * long drive in the country at night with music and wine * cooking * baking cakes and cookies * desserts * the feeling after doing my one good deed for the day * getting hugged and kissed by mom while I'm still in bed * sharing a casual laughing moment with dad * feeling of being taken care off* pillow fights * shoes * a well fitted party dress * sitting in a bar with a drink and music * lying on the grass under the sun on a cold winter's day * the smell of autumn * the spirit of festive season * singing * sitting in a coffee shop on a rainy day with a warm mug of coffee while I write a few lines * rich creamy hot chocolate * painting * the smell of sunday mornings * dreamless peaceful sleep * memories * good times with friends * eating roasted marsh mallows * halloween parties * saying thank you * picnics * travelling * open air candle light dinners * reading poetry *

all that I can remember at the moment, but it's just the tip of the ice-berg. What are your small treats?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Believe...

The way u treat people describes your character.
 So if u want to know what people feel about u, look back and see how u treated them.
 U treat someone well, they feel good about u, u treat someone like shit, they feel crappy about u. 
Perception is relative. 

So be careful about the way u treat people.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Been a while,
 since I have done some writing, 
apart from maybe a few lines,
 bits and pieces here and there, not much.

I was wondering why?
 because writing gives me joy, 
joy because it is an instrument through which I communicate
  not just with people around me, 
but also with myself. 

most of the times
I express thoughts better while writing than speaking
In fact
as I begin writing about them
my thoughts start getting clearer
problems start making sense
I understand myself better
solutions start coming to me
And I end up in a better shape
then when I began.

Then why haven't I written in such a long time
why haven't I been able to write?

The answer,
I guess is that I write,
when my conscious and unconscious mind communicate with each other

The conscious mind,
 struggling with it endless queries and confusions
The unconscious mind
tries to help it look at things
with a clearer perspective
in the process
clearing the clutter,
making sense out of the chaos.

I have not been able to write
I have not been at peace
I have been galloping, worrying, chasing
the unconscious mind 
has been trying
to tell me 
slow down
calm down
quit chasing
to accept what I have heard
I am refusing to acknowledge.

what has to happen shall happen
that for everything
under the sun, there is a season and reason
I need to only do what I can
do what I want to
do what I feel is right
forget about the rest.
no amount of 
is going to make a difference.

I am not writing
I am refusing to listen to the dialogue
happening within.

(P.S - at the end of this post of course I will start the process of trying to listen)