Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Believe..

I like to travel for many reasons...

But sometimes I just want to travel, to break free from the bubble I live in, to challenge myself with the new, the unknown, the unexpected and to let the experience teach me, change me, but more importantly to remind myself that fear is just a figment of my sense of security and that it exists only as long as I let it exist. To remind myself, that it's not my fears that hold me back, rather my lack of will to fight them.

I simply travel, to wake up within me, the thrill lying dormant, the thrill of 'Being alive' that comes through the experience of living boundlessly.

So, Why is it that you travel?


Relyn said...

I travel mostly for the reasons you've given. But, also, to discover new photographic challenges.

meeta said...

@Relyn I love photography on travel, but since i have zero clue about photography..i do tend to neglect it & at times i ignore it 'cuz i want to experience the moment rather than capture it.