Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A free bird

One fine day,
I'll simply vanish, 
leaving behind no trace, 
other than, 
just a memory, 
then slowly that memory shall also fade away...
                       like the wisps of hanging smoke.... 

high up in the sky,
far far away from all the world's cares,
                                           I shall fly

                                        by the rest,
                                        yet, still aware of myself,
                                                             of my dreams,
                                                             of my desires,
                                                             of my choices...

                                                             known only to myself,
                                                                          like a free bird
                                                                          I shall fly ,
                                                                          in the open sky,
                                                           in pursuit of my peace
                                                           spreading wide,
                                                           the wings of anarchy that burns within