Friday, January 8, 2010

stillness speaks: In a Moment

stillness speaks: In a Moment

In a Moment

In a moment,
Somewhere a life is lost,
Somewhere a life begins.

With a cry, wheels of life are set in motion,
And somewhere with a sigh, a life ends.

A cry that, for some, begins a new dawn,
filled with endless hopes and happy dreams.

A sigh, that for some becomes a cry,
as A journey of dreams, hopes and efforts ends.

Moments come and go by,
In this circle of Life,
Time moves on without standing still,
and Life walks along hand in hand,
without pausing for breath.

In this constant tug of war,
between Death and life,
Where in a moment I find,
Death staring back from the face of life,
Or life smiling at you, while waving death goodbye.
I stand doing my best,
Not to fight Death,
but to give back life it's strength,
To fight away Death with  all it's might,
And begin again it's unfinished journey.

In this circle, taking tiny steps
I walk along all alone,
Creating my own destiny,
While still searching my road.