Monday, March 15, 2010

The pain,
It leaves me shattered.
It leaves me numb.

The pain.
It touches my heart,
leaving behind raw wounds.
It touches my soul,
and stirs a song,
              a sad lament,
              torn from the depths of my being,
              The cry of my weary soul,
              swimming day after day,
              in this sea of human insanity,
                                            and suffering.

A cry that my soul shall cry,
till it is laid to rest.
till it is laid to rest.


Punkster said...

Pretty good.
Painful feelings expressed beautifully. =]

bindaasviti said...

you know meeta...i love this one!
the structure, and the way you have divided the poem gives it a lot of character.
i especially like this part:
"The cry of my weary soul,
swimming day after day,
in this sea of human insanity,
and suffering."

my fav out of all your stuff i have read so far :) keep up the good work!

serendipity said...

Torn~ wounds raw ~unhealed~ words unsaid~the moon tides pull still ~where memories nest~ i pick up the pieces ~and craft verse again!

meeta said...

@Punkster thanx ya :)

@viti glad u liked it...i did nothing to this poem in terms of structuring and division..this is how it came to me :)

meeta said...

@neerjaji you have beautiful crafting skills :)

Vivek said...

it is the pain which makes us feel like we are alive...

sheer genius... not many of us can express our pain in words... loved it :)

sublimefeeling said...

all i cld feel is some words can really understand your pain ..
where people cant..!!
not much into wht gr8 poetry is about.. but i like it.. !!
you are charimatic gurl..
best wishes meeta.. hugs n care ..!!

ani_aset said...

this is different and i liked it..the way you have changed the structure in between..nice

meeta said...

@Vivek m glad you enjoyed the poem.

@Sublimefeeling thanku :)

@aniruddh's short, i guess the reason u enjoyed it more :)

adee said...


i liked d fact that the 'pain' when it remains outside to the levels of body, mind, senses makes one numb.

but the moment 'pain' touches the soul, it gives birth to a lament, a poem straight from the heart.

and then the soul asks for redemption, reprieve... lets see if it will be granted this request

Mariana Soffer said...

What an amazing blog and poet I had the luck to discover thanks to my friend the human being. I am so happy now that I started to be interested in writting poems also, to find poets I admire and respect. This post is really good, begining excelent, great description about what happens with pain. I am just thinking that you do not have hope or belive that something better could present itself eventually. I think you always should try to do that when you send a message either to you and to the others, cause the truth is life is full or miracles as well as atrocities and I belive that if one searches for the right path, eventually there will be a swich. I would love you to take a look at the last part of my hopefull poem, wich is pretty dark indeed, it is here,, if you read it I guess you will understand better what I meant with this.
Thanks a lot for everything

Mariana Soffer said...

Sorry I meant I got to you trough citizen of earth, not human being, my mistake

meeta said...

@Mariana Thank you for your detailed comment...This poe potrays the emotions I have felt off & on when certain incidents have touched my soul, injured it and left it in so much pain that it ends up crying..This poem is my soul crying..It just started flowing out of me,,,sometimes there are hurts that are buried deep under the layer of all the happy moments we come across in life, but they never heal completely..they hurt whenever touched..this poem is an expression of how soul feels in those few moments...Plz do read my other will find some that end up on brighter notes as well..will read ur blog soon :)
And plz do let me know who is citizen of earth?

Rajat said...

Let go pain.

Adee said...

citizen of earth and human being r both dear blogger friends of mine. u ll see quite some poems from them in my links :)

meeta said...

@Adee thanks for the info discovered Human being & Citizen of earth through your post..amazing bloggers.
& thanks for the is the very soul of the poem :)