Thursday, December 17, 2009

Being me

If someone who knows me and has met would have seen me an hour ago...they would have wondered what was it that was making me so distraught..'cuz it's takes something massive to make sit around quietly sulking!!!! (the chatterbox that I am)....I was very upset because I was feeling disappointed at the total failure of a few plans I'd made.
                   And Then, just out of the blue, I heard one of my friends mention " The Lion King"...and I remembered those two immortal words "Hakuna Matata" meaning " No worries for the rest of your days"...and I was laughing again lost in the world of "Timon, Pumba and Simba" .....when just 5 mins back I'd no intentions to smile for the next couple of days!!!!
                 After this I started listening to the song " Yuhin chala chal rahi ~ Swades" and, While I was humming along with the beats, all I wanted to do was to own a Caravan Traveler and get on the road and start travelling...and there again I was dreaming about a trip, When just a minutes ago I had decided not to even think of the word travel.....and I was laughing on myself !!!!!
                                       It was then that I realized this....I end up with so many disappointments everyday, and they all mostly happen because I am such an impulsive dreamer....I dream about so many things, just in the spur of a moment, and start pursuing those dreams trying to make them come true, forgetting that they are just dreams....My Dad used to say this to me when I was small " The reason you get hurt so much is because you spend so much time chasing your dreams ".....all this time I'av always remembered his words but I have also remembered not to heed them (trust me :D)'s just tonight, I have realized, why I have never paid heed to his words (even after staring into the face of disappointment so often), The Reason is ~
                                                  That, It is these Dreams, which bring a thrill into my life, a new Hope, hope of watching something happen or doing something new everyday, that would bring a new Joy in my life.It's these dreams that make my life so full, so rich in the first place. These are what make my life such a fun- filled experience....If I would not have these dreams...I would not have the laughter that rings around me, the happiness that surrounds me everyday... I would not have my strength which help me Fight back the disappointments, the failures that life throws my way even without dreaming.
                                             It is these little dreams, and the hope they bring with them, that if Today was not just as good a day I wanted it to be, Never mind, tomorrow Might be a better day, because I can dream of What it might bring for me and forget about all the rest.....It's this excitement of expecting something unexpected, which I get while pursung  these dreams, that makes Life such a magical and beautiful Journey for me....
                                            And, So I am going to remain silly and continue dreaming and just enjoy being me :-)


paras said...

like i said u gotta believe in your dreams. u work towards achieving them and yes then u dream some more. life is nothing but dreaming.fighting.repeat

meeta said...

@paras thanx buddy :-)

Aditya said...

While I fully agree with you that you should dream, and that dreams keep you going, I have realised something, and there I disagree with your dad:

It is not dreams, but expectations that make one sad if not met. So while it is good to dream, it is good to have minimum expectations from anyone other than yourself.

That way, if there are no expectations that are not met, there will be little to feel disappointed about.

Punkster said...

The human mind is very funny indeed. One moment you'd be so dam sad that you wanna kill yourself but then after sometime you'd be laughin your heads off to something.

Dream on doc. Live with a reason a purpose. Coz a purposeless life is what animals lead.

So what if some dreams don't come true. They always give you some important lessons. :-)

ani_aset said...

I dunno about chasing dreams..but i have always believed in doing what one loves doing..and leaving the rest to lord for results..its when we have expectations that we are hurt..easier said than done :)..but try this

meeta said...

@Aditya i know that expectations if high cn bring disappointment, so when i dream i always know that they may not come true..but i donot let the fear of disappointment rule me. :=)

meeta said...

@Punkster very ryt rockstah...a purposeless lyf is a useless lyf :-).

@ani_aset I said them same thing to @aditya above and i'll say the same to u...v dream with an expectation to make them come true...if u donot believe in what u are pursuing u cannot give it u'r best i always know that my dream may not come true even after the best of my efforts..but i donot let the shadow of that disappointment rule my actions :-)

Achilles said...

Somebody said if you don't fail often then you are not dreaming big and all the progress in the world depends upon the unreasonable man. As a country we have to go a long way in enterpreneueshp which will happen only if we dream big . Good article.

adee said...

dream on dreamweaver... :D