Friday, August 28, 2009

They were your parents, just like you will be one day!!!

From your first cry, they cradled you in their warm embrace,
Nurturing you with their tender loving care,as you grew,till you walked away,
Do you remember,their arms catching you,as you faltered in your little steps,while you learnt to walk holding on to them?
Do you remember those unwavering shoulders always there to support you, when you needed them the most?
Do you remember those eyes, which laughed when u smiled & cried when you cried?
Did you see the fear wrenching their hearts apart, as they let you walk into the cold cruel world without them at your side?
Did you feel the anguish of their hearts as they saw you stumble along your way??

You saw and you felt, but you forgot all that,
And as time passed and you grew stronger, while they began to falter away,
You forgot their hard years of toil,
You forgot that their blood, their sweat & tears were your nurturing soil.

And then,
You turned away shirking those groping hands & faltering eyes.
You gave them a stone face and cold eyes, while they looked at you for a little warmth & smile.
You broke their hearts, gave them tears & grief in the twilight of their life.
You gave them your back, when they wanted your embrace in the winter of their life.

You walked away, while they held out their hands, not to beg, but give their blessing away.
You ran away from them, while all they wanted was,Your little time,Your tender touch & your loving smile,
Still You were their treasure, their most precious gift, the center of their dreams, the center of their prayers, the universe of their small lives.
Still you were the lights of their searching eyes even as the darkness of Death's dark night veiled their eyes.


Phoenix said...

Its awesome, beautifully written. :) Loved it.

Hipp Hopper said...

People seldom realize the fact that the way they treat their parents can happen with them as well in the future. Very touching.

danishctc said...

Nice :) feelng guilty i was rude to my mother in the morn :(

Arti Honrao said...

A thought provoking poem...
People should read it and understand!

Keep writing

Pallavi said...

Beautiful poem.... Just tells us how much our parents do for us and we never realize it.