Friday, May 16, 2008

the world health organisation(WHO) every year celebrates WHO day and outlines a theme to celebrate to emphasise the need of awareness towards the theme.the theme choosen outlines health and environment issues affecting human lives.
this years WHO- day theme is " protecting health from climate change"........emphasising thereby the affect of climatic change on human beings.....these "climatic changes" include increased incidence of global warming leading to change in patterns of precipitation(meaning rain and snowfall) leading to famines and floods,changes in patterns and duration of seasons leading to changes in breeding habits of life forms (some of these are causative organisms of various human diseases) and agricultural losses,increased pollution is not only affecting air water and food quality but perpetrating disasters in form of acid rains and depletion of ozone layer...the list continues......
the effects due to these environmental changes are more visible in developing and economically poor countries which are all ready facing the burnt of political instability,poverty,malnourishment etc......even the developed countries face the same challenges but better socio-economic conditions help them to bear the burden well...........BUT both developing and developed countries are equal contributors to this environmental disaster...........and believe me the developed more because they have the resources to tackle the menace but the lack of willpower.

In 2005 after the release of the movie AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH(the title was apt....'cuz we all know the truth...but because the harsh reality it opens and the harsher measure it demands of us and our lifestyle.....makes us either shut our eye to it or deny make things look better) there was an uproar about the impacts of global warming.It brought to light that a mere 1F increase in temperature of earth over the last decade has lead to such enormous climatic changes......that the increase in temperature that had been predicted over the next two decades would simply change the face of our planet.

A new report published in 2008 in nature magazine has highlighted that the the predicted temperature changes would not take place for another 20 years,because of the earth's ecosystems ability to mitigate and undo the damage(to put the contents of the report simply).These conclusion has led the supporters of those saying that global warming is merely a hue and cry to jump with joy.........BUT BUT and BUT

According to WHO warming is a happening phenomenon...the temperature rise may occur in next 30yrs or 40yrs may be.....but it will occur that no environmental scientist and no reports deny.......and when it happens the effects are going to be as severe or may be more than predicted.
The only solution to this problem is accepting it and not denying it.Mother earth is giving us another chance to set our acts right.So rather than evading this responsibility and playing the blame game......Let us all join hands and do our part (whatever little we can do)...........not just for ourselves but for our generations to come.....for our children and there that they may not have to say "what ever were our parents and grandparents doing with all the time they had"
to quote "think about generations to come"
this planet with it's heritage and resources is not our property but a responsibility,and for this responsibility we are answerable to none other than our children.
( in the nxt blog: the things we can do to make a differnce.....ny suggetions are heartily welcome)

Silent Tears

A thousand silent tears I cried,

But still I could not wash your memories aside..

Your memories ,lovely and sweet ,

Making me smile,

but bringing afresh the tears that dried

Bringing afresh the pain, with every smile

Tearing my soul, with every turn down the memory lane...

Making me wish I could have u back,

Making me wish memories could bring back the dead,

Making me wish I could turn back time,

                           To hear your unfinished talk,

                           To spend a little more time,

                           To wipe away your tears,

                           To tell u I was there.


just the silent tears I can shed,

Wishing I could have you back,

Wishing I could tell you all that I wanted to say,
 but never said.

Wish I could have u back,
and tell you how lonely I have become.

To hear u say,
 I am there for you every single day

To put my face in your palms ,
and tell u my pain.

Wish I could have you back

To tell you all that you meant

To shed the silent tears, I now cry everyday.

Wish I could end this pain

I wish I could cry to my hearts content

But only silent tears I can weep,

Wishing that memories would go away,

Wishing that time would heal the pain.


Moments go by in the current of time,
as Life goes on and the world goes by.
as the tide goes by, with us standing about,
…always wishing that it could be another day or another night.
Anything other than the moment that we are in…

Just waiting for something more to come by….
Waiting for someone else to walk beside…
Never living in the moment that we have now…
Never happy with the life that we have for the moment…

Waiting to seek happiness in something we have never seen….
With someone we have never known..
In a moment we may never have…
In the life we may never live…

Rather than trying to find that happiness in present
We keep searching in the future…
when the future comes we regret the moment that is past….
But never do we realize that it is the moment now
that will be our past
And the one making our future…………

It’s the present that counts
…Not the past….
Because past is done and past is gone….
It’s present that counts,
…Not future….
Because future is unknown and what it stores we do not know.

It is present that counts..
Neither the past nor the future…
Because it will be a part of our future
Because it is what we have in our hands….
Because it is only present we can influence…
Only the present we can make…
Only this moment which is now…. With which we can play.